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Baby Lasagna Represents Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest!

Sooo… you’ve heard about this year’s Croatian contestant that will represent us at the Eurovision Song Contest. But, who is Baby Lasagna?

Marko Purišić, a 28-year-old singer known as Baby Lasagna, won the Dora 2024 competition with his song ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’. This victory means he will represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden in May. Baby Lasagna got an impressive 247 points from the audience and 74 from the jury. Interestingly, he started as a backup contestant at Dora but won. 

Baby Lasagna goes to Eurvision son contest

Originally, another singer named Zsa Zsa was supposed to perform with the song ‘Awaken my lips’, but she decided not to. Baby Lasagna took her place and became a favorite in Croatia and beyond.

People find his stage name amusing, and he created it spontaneously. According to the singer, there’s no big story or meaning behind it. He finds it funny and absurd, and it’s easy for people to remember. In his everyday life, most people call him by his real name, Marko. Although some might jokingly refer to him as ‘my lasagna,’ his favorite is being called by his actual name. He mentioned that even his dad got a bit mixed up once and called him Baby Njoki, mixing up names with other dishes, but Marko remains his preferred name.  

Not His First Time at Dora Contest

But, this isn’t the first time Baby Lasagna showed up at Dora. Before going solo, he played guitar for the Croatian rock band Manntra. In 2019, he and the band were part of Dora with the song ‘In the Shadows’. People often refer to Manntra as the Umag metal machine, and they are quite famous in Germany. Manntra stands out as the first Croatian band in over thirty years to make it onto the Official album chart in Germany, per the Offiziela Deutsche Charts data.   

Rim Tim Tagi Dim Video

Recently, Marko released a video for his song ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’. The video was filmed in different places in Marko’s hometown, Istria. This highlights the contrast in the song, which talks about moving from the countryside to the city. The singer explained, “I wrote about a boy who leaves his village or city with a heavy heart, searching for a better life in a tough situation. He feels anxious about leaving, saying goodbye to his home, his cat…” 

Marko’s girlfriend, Elizabeta Ružić, played a part in making the video. She’s into video production and art photography, having graduated from the Academy of Arts in Split. The couple has worked on various projects promoting Istria and the region, including the song ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’. In 2022, they even won an award for the best video from Istria at the Moja competition. The task was to express, in sixty seconds, the emotional connection to the environment they live in.  

Croatia's Baby Lasagna Tops Eurovision Favorites

Baby Lasagna is a big favorite at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, and it’s clear because Croatia went from second to first place in Eurovision betting because of him. Even before the Dora event, where he won, bookies had already put his song in a high third place. For a long time, Ukraine held first place. 

The reactions on the official Instagram profile of the Eurovision Song Contest are amazing too. After they announced Baby Lasagna as the winner, the post got over 18 thousand likes in less than an hour. It’s still growing, reaching almost twenty thousand. This is the first time Croatia is on top of that list, and it’s the first time a Croatian representative has achieved this. 

Baby Lasagna, feeling a bit shocked, couldn’t hide his happiness, saying, ‘Something crazy just happened, I can’t even react properly at the moment, but Croatia just came in first place to win the Eurovision Song Contest. What??!’ 

Baby Lasagna Sparks Hope with 'Rim Tim Tagi Dim'

For years, Croatia has faced challenges in achieving noteworthy placements at the Eurovision Song Contest. However, the anticipation for a breakthrough is high this year with the emergence of Baby Lasagna and his captivating song, “Rim Tim Tagi Dim.” 

The nation has experienced a prolonged period without significant success on the Eurovision stage, but the tide may be turning. There is a newfound sense of optimism as the whole country rallies behind Baby Lasagna. We believe that he might be the game-changer we’ve been waiting for. The infectious enthusiasm surrounding “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” has sparked hope that Croatia is on the brink of a Eurovision renaissance. 

Your CTC Team

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