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International Sparkling Wine Festival in Višnjan

The 5th International Sparkling Wine Festival is set to enchant connoisseurs and sparkling wine enthusiasts in Višnjan. It will all happen on December 8 and 9. Held at the enchanting Sincich Palace, the festival will showcase a variety of sparkling wines from Slovenia, Austria, Italy, and Croatia. 

International Sparkling Wine Festival in Višnjan 2

Visitors can skip the telescope and, instead, savor the delightful flavors of top-notch sparkling wines. The event is a chance for people looking for a special sparkling wine for the holidays. It lets them say thanks for the past year and start the New Year with a clear idea of their goals. Višnjan provides the perfect backdrop for this delightful tasting experience during the Advent season. 

Višnjan, the Magical Place

In the charming old town of Višnjan, enjoy a special experience with high-quality sparkling wines, delicious Istrian treats, and gentle tunes. It’s a unique chance to awaken your senses. Plus, there are two expert workshops where you can learn more about this special drink. Fun fact: It started as an accident and became a unique liquid that makes you feel successful inside. Making sparkling wines is quite complex, requiring a lot of knowledge and expertise. That’s why understanding it adds to the joy of sipping from that perfectly elegant glass. 

And what about Višnjan? 


Višnjan is famous for its observatory, known globally for discovering small celestial bodies in our solar system. Established 35 years ago by local enthusiasts, including the prominent astronomer Korado Korlević. It has given rise to a unique form of tourism – astrotourism. Visitors from around the world, drawn by the starry skies, have been coming to this small town of about two thousand residents for years. 

In the local forests, home to ladonja trees and abundant mushrooms, you might encounter wildlife like deer or boars from the nearby woods. Montemez hill near Višnjan holds remnants of Celtic culture, including ceramic dishes and trinkets, with “beautiful hill” being the Celtic meaning of its name. 


Close by, the Baredine cave, a karst wonder, is open for visits. For those seeking adventure, there are undiscovered caves nearby. The settlement of Dilian boasts a monastery and the 11th-century St. Michael’s church, attracting attention from archaeologists worldwide. 

Expert Evaluation and Recognition at Višnjan's International Sparkling Wine Festival

A group of experts, led by Prof. Dr. Borislav Miličević, will judge the sparkling wines. This team includes specialists like Prof. Dr. Jurislav Babić and Assistant Prof. Dr. Toni Kujundžić. Also local sommeliers Emil Perdec and Karin Rupena Perdec, and Ingrid Mahnič, known as the “queen of Malvasia.” They follow strict rules from the International Organization for Vine and Wine (OIV). They use a 100-point system to assess clarity, color, sparkle, smell, taste, and overall quality. 

International Sparkling Wine Festival in Višnjan 2

This evaluation, based on international standards, aims to find the best sparkling wines. Winning wines, around 40 of them, will get diplomas and the approval of the expert jury. This recognition is a big motivation for all the sparkling wine makers participating, creating a competitive and quality-focused atmosphere at the event. 

Don’t miss out on the exceptional Višnjan International Sparkling Festival. Iti s the birthplace of the first “Malvažija” sparkling wine, crafted by Dr. sc. Đordano Peršurić. He used the classic method in the Peršurići settlement. Inspired by this achievement, the Višnjan Municipality and Višnjan Development Agency annually host the festival. Višnjan has become a mecca for sparkling nectar enthusiasts, renowned for its deep-rooted wine tradition. 

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