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Where to Stay in Croatia for Awesome Nightlife and Sunny Beaches

Many people come to Croatia for awesome nightlife and sunny beaches. There’s, in fact, one place in Croatia that perfectly converges both. Those who are wondering where to stay in Croatia for great nightlife and the best beaches don’t have to look beyond the Žrće beach in Novalja on Pag island.

Sandy beaches on Zrće in Croatia
Sandy beaches on Zrće in Croatia

How does Žrće connect awsome nightlife and sunny beaches?

Years ago, one man had a vision. He grew tired of, well, to be perfectly honest, poor nightlife in the Croatian coastal destinations back in the days.

So, he started a small nightclub in a little place called Novalja on the island of Pag in central Dalmatia, right on the sandy beach.

At first, he hosted local DJs and local clubbing crowds exclusively. For a couple of hours every night during the summer, rave sounds would blast through the air and young people would experience the time of their lives.

Bit by bit and the word got out. First foreign guests arrived at the club one night, enjoyed the action and called for others. The rest is history.

Zrće beach, Papaya club.jpg
When the sun sets under the blue waters of the Adriatic sea, world famous DJs, such as Fat Boy Slim and Armin Van Buuren turn up the music. They are considered a  regular in Papaya, the most renowned nightclub at the open in Croatia. With the now legendary festival, Hideout, Papaya is the place to be if you are looking for a nightlife-beach combo to party and enjoy some lazy time afterward, perhaps even skinny-dipping in the crystal blue Adriatic sea.

Is Papaya the only club there?

No. Recently, on the wings of Papaya’s success, others followed and pretty soon, this beautiful beach got transformed into a mega party scene with several clubs playing music until sunrise and beyond.

Two of the most famous, along Papaya, are Aquarius and Noa. Each has its own charm and, if you truly want to enjoy your time on the famous Žrće beach, you’ll circle around, jumping from one club to another until you drop down on warm sand to catch your breathe and recharge your batteries.

Because, before you know it, the scene goes ballistic again.

How to arrive at Žrće beach?

Žrće is the beach in Novalja on Pag island. The island is connected to the mainland with the bridge which makes it easily accessible by land.

Pager Bridge Sea Island Of Pag Dalmatia Croatia
Bridge that is connecting island of Pag and Dalmatian coast

There are plenty of bus lines throughout the day for those without their own vehicles, although, renting one would not be a bad idea. The daily lease is around €50 EUR for a medium-sized car,and it allows you certain freedoms  apart from those taking public transit.


If, however, you find yourself on some of Croatia’s many islands, simply embark a ship or ferry that will take you to the town of Pag on Pag island. There, a taxi is waiting for you to take you to the Žrće beach and its clubs.


Your CTC Team, I.K.

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