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A Glimpse into the 17th Days of Young Olive Oil in Vodnjan

Days of Young Olive Oil in Vodnjan is a celebration where the golden essence of freshly harvested olives takes center stage. In Vodnjan, olive growers, producers, and their best Istrian olive oils are coming together. They’ll be joined by notable Croatian chefs, food experts, and local and international enthusiasts of the olive. 

Days of Young Olive Oil in Vodnjan

From November 24 to 26, the 17th Days of Young Olive Oil, known as Istravirgin, will host the prime unveiling of this year’s olive oil harvest. The event includes practical sessions and talks. Olive oil makers and enthusiasts will share insights. They will conduct tastings of the fresh batch, and explore ways to enhance gastronomy with olive oil. It’s a weekend dedicated to celebrating the essence of Istria and Vodnjan through the vibrant world of olive oil. 

Days of Young Olive Oil

The 17th Istravirgin event will happen from Friday to Sunday at the old city school area in Vodnjan. Here, 35 Istrian olive growers will show off their oils from this year’s harvest. Big names like Agrolaguna, a top Istrian food company with 220 hectares of olive groves, will be there. They produce up to 130 tons of high-quality extra virgin olive oil every year. You’ll also find the Baioco family oil mill, making oil since 1918, and the local BRIST-Olive family brand. 

Olive oil

Key participants include:

  • Chiavalon family, known for oils in the top 15 worldwide by the Flos Olei guide, and the first Istrian cooperative of olive oil producers
  • PZ Maslinari Istre, presenting Konfin oils
  • Meloto oils from the Belci brothers
  • Cadenela oils from the Lupieri family
  • Oio Vivo
  • Olea oils from the Belić family in Fažana, Galižane, and Peroj. 

You can also check out Oliveri oils from the family farm in Labinci near Poreč and Rheos olive oils from Novigrad. Also products from Uljara Vodnjan, a leading Istrian oil mill processing olive oils from Barbariga groves since 1911. It’s a weekend full of tasty experiences and the rich history of Istrian olive oil. 

Culinary Delights at Istravirgin: Masterclasses, Chefs, and Olive Oil Extravaganza!

Istravirgin is bringing together well-known local chefs like Deni Srdoč, Mate Janković, Stiven Vunić, Melkior Bašić, Tea Mamut, and Hrvoje Kroflin. There will be classes where professionals can share their knowledge, like Svjetlana Celija leading “The Vodnjan story of autumn.” Another class, “Matching young olive oil with chocolate,” will be led by TAMAN artisan chocolate founders Sanja Vladović and Stiv Kahlina. In “Pairing the best local ingredients in gastronomy,” Filip Pleteš will guide how to combine Old Pilots gin and olive oil. 


Danijela Kramarić from Plavi podrum will teach “How to properly present and sell olive oils in a restaurant?” Also, chefs Milena Krizmanić, Marina Perčić, and Nirvana Koso from Hotel Brioni and restaurant Boccaporte, with guidance from Karolina Brkić Bubola, will discuss matching young Istrian olive oils with food. 

Besides being a great showcase of excellence, the 17th Days of Young Olive Oil, Istravirgin, is a chance for new business connections and a weekend full of tasty experiences in Vodnjan.  

Days of Young Olive Oil in Vodnjan

Harvest Harmony

The 17th Istravirgin event will transform Vodnjan into a hub for olive growers, producers, and culinary enthusiasts. This weekend is not just about olive oil; it’s a journey into the heart of Istria’s rich gastronomic heritage. 

Join us as we unveil the freshest harvest and explore the possibilities of enhancing gastronomy with olive oil. The event promises to be a unique experience. It will bring together the expertise of olive oil makers and the enthusiasm of enthusiasts. It’s a weekend dedicated to celebrating the essence of Istria and Vodnjan through the vibrant world of olive oil.  

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