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Culinary Extravaganza: 7 Best Restaurants in Croatia

Today, we are decided to offer you a closer look at 7 best restuarants in Croatia that you should visit – if there is a chance! 

In the celestial realm of gastronomy, Michelin stars are celestial beacons guiding discerning travelers to culinary wonders. Three stars beckon an epic journey, two signify a worthwhile encounter along the way, and one signals a stop at a destination of gastronomic delight. 

7 Best Restaurants in Croatia

Culinary Constellation: Michelin Stars Illuminate Croatia's Gourmet Scene

This year, the coveted gastronomic Oscar was bestowed upon the Korak restaurant in Plešivice, adding another star to Lijepa Naša’s impressive tally of 11 Michelin stars in the gourmet constellation. Amidst the 11 stellar establishments, the guide also spotlights 64 recommended restaurants and 14 receiving the Bib Gourmand recommendation, recognizing their exceptional price-quality ratio. 

Joining Korak in the Michelin-starred constellation are culinary gems like Agli Amici, Alfred Keller, Boškinac, Draga di Lovrana, LD – Lešić Dimitri, Pelegrini, Monte, Nebo by Deni Srdoč, Noel, and Restaurant 360.

This year’s Michelin recommendations shine on new additions such as Balon and El Toro in Zagreb, BÒME and PiNKU fish and wine restaurants in Split, Marco Polo in Dubrovnik, Nicolo Polo in Gradac, Mediterraneo in Hvar, and the charming taverns Kala and Otok in Supetar. 

Adding to the accolades, three new Bib Gourmand recommendations highlight Beštija in Zagreb, Bougainvillea in Cavtat, and the enticing Taj Mahal in Dubrovnik. 

Beyond Michelin stars, Korak proudly wears the Green Star, an accolade recognizing sustainable and responsible gastronomy. In this commitment to eco-conscious dining, Korak joins the esteemed ranks of Zagreb’s Zinfandel’s and the Mate tavern in Pupnat on Korčula, creating a celestial tapestry that blends culinary excellence with environmental stewardship.

Coastal Croatia

Alfred Keller, Mali Lošinj: A Culinary Masterpiece by Chef Christian Kuchler


In Alfred Keller, Mali Lošinj, Chef Christian Kuchler takes the lead, crafting culinary wonders with a touch of magic. Supported by Chef Michael Gollenz’s creative vision, the restaurant’s concept revolves around the simplicity of each ingredient, expert techniques, and a dash of creativity. They source the finest Croatian produce, including seafood and meat, mainly from the bountiful island of Lošinj and its nearby areas.


Picture this: shrimp tartare with zesty Thai salsa and fresh mint, pan-seared Adriatic fish fillet with fennel and kulen, and succulent grilled ribs with a hint of paprika. Michelin inspectors were captivated by the flavors of ravioli featuring Istrian truffle foam and a delightful dessert boasting strawberries, basil sorbet, cottage cheese, and a hint of ginger.


7 Best Restaurants in Croatia

Boškinac, Novalja: An Exclusive Retreat on the Island of Pag


Imagine a tranquil haven where you can dine, rest, and relax in complete tranquility. One of 7 Best Restaurants in Croatia is definitely Boškinac in Novalja, a gem on the island of Pag. Nestled in a charming stone house, this exclusive restaurant offers an escape to a romantic botanical paradise. Michelin describes it as a place where guests can savor creatively crafted dishes showcasing the best of island ingredients, including renowned lamb, wild herbs, and flavorful shrimp. As the sun graces the island, guests can indulge in the tasting menu on terraces surrounded by lush greenery, creating a serene and idyllic atmosphere.

7 Best Restaurants in Croatia

Pelegrini, Šibenik: A Feast of Flavors by Chef Rudolf Štefan


Pelegrini in Šibenik is a place where deliciousness takes center stage, especially in the tasting menu crafted by the imaginative Chef Rudolf Štefan. The inspectors praised the delightful array of food, from mussels and oysters to urchins and various types of fish. Meat dishes shine too, with a focus on succulent lamb and veal. Pelegrini aims to provide an authentic, sincere, and unique experience through local flavors. These are the heart of their culinary philosophy. 


Monte, Rovinj: Pioneering Michelin Star Excellence


Monte in Rovinj proudly holds the title of the first Croatian restaurant with a Michelin star. Situated in the heart of one of the most romantic cities on the Adriatic, Monte is celebrated in the guide for its creative and imaginative dishes, placing a spotlight on Istrian ingredients. The sommelier, akin to a true wine poet, curates a rich selection that complements the culinary artistry. 

7 Best Restaurants in Croatia

Restaurant 360, Dubrovnik: Dalmatian Delights with a Modern Twist


In the heart of Dubrovnik, Restaurant 360 is led by Chef Marijo Curić. It weaves a culinary tapestry by blending favorite Dalmatian and Dubrovnik dishes with a modern touch inspired by the old French school. The result is a creative and skillful play of contrasts and textures, with a strong emphasis on the local culinary scene. Chef Curić’s concept transforms traditional flavors into a modern spectacle, creating a dining experience that’s both innovative and rooted in local tradition. 

Continental Croatia

Noel, Zagreb: A Michelin Star Gem in Croatia’s Capital


Zagreb’s Noel is not just the first but also the only restaurant in the city with a Michelin star. Described as a modern space adorned with pleasant lighting and trendy furniture, Noel offers guests a vibrant experience filled with exciting, colorful dishes. Chef Bruno Vokal dances with the seasons, presenting modern and creative culinary delights alongside a carefully selected range of Croatian, French, and Italian wines. Don’t miss the chance to savor Chef Vokal’s rendition of štrukli and classics like a superbly prepared goose liver terrine. 


Korak, Jastrebarsko: A Culinary Journey Rooted in Tradition


Another one of 7 Best Restaurants in Croatia lies in Jastrebarsko. Korak is a restaurant born out of a rich family legacy. The last generation lovingly renovated the establishment, preserving the essence of their grandmother’s recipes. Here, culinary excellence meets a commitment to quality, with ingredients sourced from the restaurant’s gardens or trusted local producers.

Guests at Korak choose between two exquisite tasting menus, each featuring five or eight courses. The experience is elevated by warm and attentive service overseen by the chef’s sister. Imagine enjoying the elegant feast on the terrace, with a view stretching over the vineyards. 

Visit 7 Best Restaurants in Croatia With Our Help!

In a nutshell, Croatia’s got some amazing places to eat! From Pelegrini in Šibenik to Monte in Rovinj, Noel in Zagreb, and Restaurant 360 in Dubrovnik, each spot has its special way of making delicious food. If you’re up for tasty adventures, consider checking them out! 

Hungry for a treat? Why not plan a visit to these cool places? Reserve your spot and get ready for a super tasty experience! 

Your CTC Team

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