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Opatija Chocolate Festival: Paradise A Festival for Enthusiasts

The 17th Opatija Chocolate Festival is set to happen from November 10 to 12. Stay with us and find out why shouldn’t you miss it. 

So, let’s start with the obvious! 

It promises to delight tens of thousands of visitors with their favorite sweet treats in various delightful:

  • flavors, 🍭
  • shapes, 🌟
  • and creations. 🎨 
Chocolate Festival Opatija 1 2

This event, Opatija‘s sweetest, has a busy schedule with tasty samples, intriguing exhibits, and informative sessions. 

The “Chocolate Magic” fair at the Gervais Center will once again bring together the best local and international chocolate makers. It’s the heart of Croatia’s biggest and oldest celebration dedicated to the beloved “Chocolate Queen.” The Gervais Center will be open 

  • on Friday, November 10, from 2 PM to 9:30 PM,
  • on Saturday, November 11, from 9 AM to 9 PM,
  • and on Sunday, November 12, from 9 AM to 6 PM. 

Chocolate Delights and Cultural Highlights in Opatija

Visitors can enjoy the “Pure Chocolate” concert by the I Zefirelli ensemble. It’s a special event where you get to taste various chocolates from Zotter Chocolate, a famous brand. The concert combines music and chocolate, with colorful displays that match the music’s mood. Each piece of music is paired with delicious chocolates, making it a unique experience. 

Chocolate Festival Opatija 1

You can also find Zotter chocolate in a new spot, the Juraj Šporer Art Pavilion. It’s like a chocolate haven for three days. You can try exclusive Zotter treats and discover their star product – limited edition Zotter chocolate in the Opatija style. It’s a perfect souvenir from this unforgettable event. 

Opatija captivates its visitors with Milenij Choco World. Therem they create delectable sweets like cakes, cookies, biscuits, pralines with thirty different fillings. Also chocolates with various flavors – all crafted by hand. Tastings are available from November 10 to December 31. Milenij Choco World offers both kids and adults a chance for creative expression and a unique “stress-relief” experience

Chocolate Festival Opatija 1

For those yearning to step back in time, Kavana Strauss presents an enchanting exhibition about the chocolate heritage of Rijeka. This exclusive display is dedicated to the former Chocolate and Cocoa Factory in Rijeka, Croatia’s first chocolate and cocoa factory. 

Sweet Workshops, Chocolate Creations, and Sensory Delights at Opatija Chocolate Festival

Visitors seeking interesting experiences can join free workshops and tastings. Both adults and children can try their hand at creating and decorating chocolates and pralines. All that in the “RetrOpatija Chocolate Experience” and “RetrOpatija Chocolate Junior” workshops at the Gervais Center on Saturday and Sunday. The youngest ones can make cheerful lollipops at Strauss Cafe’s “Choco Wonderland” workshops. 

tival Opatija 4

For those interested in the unique pairing of chocolate and liqueur, there’s a sensory tasting event. It is called “Pordenone ArtandFood Festival Meets Opatija Chocolate Festival” on Sunday at 3 p.m. All workshops and tastings are free for visitors, but due to limited space, reservations can be made by calling 051/271 310. 

Throughout the event, visitors can witness the creation of a chocolate sculpture and chocolate dresses and fashion details. Sunday will feature a fashion show with chocolate dresses taking center stage. The entire experience comes with a lively music program, and you can also find chocolate delights on the menus of Opatija’s restaurants. 

The Chocolate Festival Awaits!


Join us at the Opatija Chocolate Festival for a delightful time. You can enjoy free workshops, tastings, and even try making your own chocolate creations. Plus, there’s a special event where you can taste chocolate with liqueur. It’s not just about chocolate – you’ll witness chocolate art and fashion too. And, of course, chocolate is on the menu everywhere in Opatija. Come and experience the sweet magic of the Opatija Chocolate Festival on the beautiful Adriatic coast. It’s a tasty adventure you won’t want to miss! 🍫 

Your CTC Team

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