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Savoring the Elegance: Saints Hills Dingač – Croatia’s Finest Wine

Croatia’s Winery and their Saints Hills Dingač is celebrating once again – they just received 99 points from the Wine Enthusiast magazine. Their remarkable wine, Ernest Tolj Dingač, won the points for a second time. The consistent success of this winery reflects the passion and skill of the Tolj family in making great wines. 🍷 

Savoring the Elegance Saints Hills Dingač - Croatia's Finest Wine 2
The wine in the glass appears velvety and inviting, almost as if it's about to reveal a world of flavors and aromas to the drinker.

Ernest Tolj is not only a wine expert but also a kind-hearted person. All the money from selling this wine goes to the “Saints Hills for Kids” foundation. The foundation helps children without parents, sick children, and those with special needs. Ernest Tolj Dingač wine is made from the best grapes from the Dingač vineyards in Pelješac. This careful selection ensures that every bottle is of the highest quality. 

After fermentation, the wine is aged in new oak barrels for two years. Then in the bottle until it’s ready for you to enjoy. This recognition places Ernest Tolj Dingač among the world’s best wines. This is even more special because it comes from a grape that is just starting to get recognized for its great quality. If you’re a wine enthusiast and love to travel, this is your chance to taste a piece of Croatia’s wonderful terroir in a bottle.

Ernest Tolj Dingač: Where Art and Flavor Converge

Saints Hills Dingač is a special wine from the famous Saints Hills winery. It’s made with care using plavac mali grapes from the beautiful Dingač region. It all starts with handpicking the best grapes. They then go through a special process in oak barrels that makes the wine smoother and gives it a bit of an oak flavor. After that, it rests in dark glass bottles, getting better with time, just like fine wine should. 

What you get is a rich wine, bursting with flavors. Imagine juicy red and black fruits, a hint of vanilla, a touch of dark chocolate, and a smoky twist. When you taste it, you’ll feel an explosion of flavors, with soft tannins that make it elegant. It’s perfectly balanced and has a finish that lingers on your taste buds, like a beautiful memory with hints of vanilla and fruit. 

Savoring the Elegance

But the story doesn’t stop there. The bottle itself is a piece of art, inspired by the design on the Saints Hills winery window in Pelješac. It’s like a fancy necklace made of platinum around the bottle’s neck, and it was designed by the talented Mary Lewis. This wine experience isn’t just about the taste; it’s a journey that combines art and flavor, and it’s truly something special. 

Passionate Commitment to Humanity: ET Saint Hills Dingač's Noble Mission

“Every year, thanks to our ‘Saints Hills for Kids’ Foundation, we get to help those who need it most. We pick plavac mali grapes with a lot of excitement, knowing they will turn into the special ET Dingač wine. This unique series has just a few hundred bottles, and we offer it to wine lovers each year with the same good cause in mind: to make the world better. Ivana and Ernest Tolj, the caring owners of Saints Hills winery, say this. 

Savoring the Elegance Saints Hills Dingač - Croatia's Finest Wine 4
The sun-kissed, rolling hills are covered in neatly arranged rows of grapevines, each one heavy with plump, juicy grapes.

Last year, Ernest Tolj Dingač was awarded an impressive 97 points by Wine Enthusiast. This year, it has been awarded 99 out of a possible 100 points, placing it at the very pinnacle of the wine world. This is a distinction that only a select few wines can boast. 

“We try to be good examples for our kids and help them in life. We want to do the same for kids who need care, protection, and love. That’s why every drop of Ernest Tolj Dingač is filled with the strong feelings that everyone, no matter how young or old, wishes for,” say Ivana and Ernest Tolj with a lot of heart.

Savoring the Elegance

Savor the Noble Flavor: ET Dingač Wine, A Taste of Goodness

In the heart of Croatia’s picturesque Dingač region, the Ernest Tolj Dingač wine offers a chance to be part of something truly noble. As you savor the rich flavors and aromas in every sip, you’re also contributing to the ‘Saints Hills for Kids’ Foundation. Come, join us at Saints Hills winery and experience the magic of ET Dingač. It is a wine that not only delights the palate but also warms the heart. Your glass holds not just wine, but a piece of a brighter future. Taste the goodness and be a part of something beautiful! 

Your CTC Team

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