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Aquathermal Wellness Center: Treat yourself to a massage

Aquathermal Wellness Center seems like a great spot for all those in need of relaxation and calmness that will make them forget about reality. With the beginning of autumn and the arrival of colder weather, there is always more stress, we start working more, children go to school, people start taking loans…

Aquathermal Wellness Center

Now, more than ever, we need relaxation that will take us out of the hard everyday life to a completely different and special place. What is the best way to get to that place? We wondered about that, until we discovered what kind of massages the Aquathermal Wellness Center offers. The name was immediately associated with hot water and relaxation, so we decided to take a closer look. 

Even if you think this kind of service is too expensive – be honest with yourself – you deserve to be treated sometimes!

Aquathermal Wellness Center offers:

Aquathermal Wellness Center

Aquathermal Wellness Center offers three types of massage: classic, sports and anti-cellulite.

Classical massage

Divided into classic complete massage and classic partial massage. The complete massage refers to the treatment of the whole body, and is intended to stimulate circulation, relax pain and muscle cramps, also the idea is to breathe new energy into the entire body of the user.

Massage in Aquathermal Wellness Center

This type of massage lasts 60 minutes and the price of one treatment is 30 €. The classic partial massage is divided into that of the back and legs. It is a massage of a stimulating and relaxing character and its goal is to remove the pain and tension that are the cause of incorrect body position and prolonged sitting. Both types of massage last 30 minutes, but a back massage costs 15 € and a foot massage 20 €.

Sports massage

Different type of massage and due to its predominantly stimulating character, it is recommended to be performed before or after some physical activity. This massage involves the treatment of the whole body, the pace of the massage is faster and the pressure stronger.

Sports massage in Aquathermal Wellness Center

Sports massage is intended to warm muscles and connective tissue, so it prepares them for activity or after activity helps the human body to eliminate toxic substances. The massage can be performed for 30 or 60 minutes, so the price of the treatment is determined accordingly.

Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage treats critical areas where fat deposits accumulate and tries to eliminate fat cells and toxins.

Anti-cellulite massage in Aquathermal Wellness Center
The massage is stimulating and intense in order to stimulate blood and lymph fluid circulation, break down cellulite and increase skin smoothness. The price of one treatment lasting 30 minutes is 150 HRK (about 20 €).

Aquathermal Wellness Center: Bonus tip!

If you decide to relax in this center, study what their Panthermal chamber offers because it is the first regeneration chamber with oxygen and ozone in Croatia!
with ionized steam, the following is achieved: anti-stress effect, detoxification of the body, slowing down cell aging, general or local weight loss effect, anti-cellulite effect, relaxation and overcoming all types of fatigue organs. We believe that this kind of treatment would benefit absolutely everyone at least once a year to make us feel and look better.

Your CTC Team

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