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Arcadia Wellness Park – Experience harmony with nature

Arcadia Wellness Park is a great idea for a weekend gateaway and if we want to treat ourselves to a relaxing holiday. The stress we experience on a daily basis prompted us to explore destinations that could offer us an escape from everyday hustle and bustle.

Arcadia Wellness Park relaxation

This place we are talking about is absolutely perfect for that (which, given the meaning of the name – in a metaphorical sense means a place filled with the harmony of man and nature – does not surprise us at all!). You must be wondering why this wellness park aroused such interest when there are so many of them.

Supplies in Arcadia
The answer is pretty simple, but certainly intriguing. Namely, when you choose and book a specific date on which you want to go to Arcadia – you will be the only guest or guests depending on whether you want to relax in your company, the company of partner or a few friends. Peace, quiet and nature are the main advantages of this wellness park, so as such they are an ideal place for all those people tired of constant phone calls, hard business (or parental) obligations and fast life in big cities.

How to get to Arcadia Wellness Park?

Arcadia is located in the hilly part of Međimurje, about 10 kilometers from Čakovec and Spa Sveti Martin. It is especially interesting that it is located inside the Monument of Nature Bedeković’s Hornbeam, which will appeal to all lovers of flora and fauna, and especially those who are enchanted by the beauty of butterflies, given that it is a habitat of a protected species of blue butterflies. In addition to the opportunity to see beautiful butterflies, the surroundings of Arcadia also offer peaceful walks through meadows and forests whose promenades are arranged and adapted to guests. We are enchanted!

What can I expect from the accommodation?

The wellness park offers overnight stays in the 4-star Arcadia house, located next to the wellness facility and surrounded by a horticultural garden full of seedlings of ornamental plants and fruit trees. In addition to standard facilities such as WiFi, air conditioning and satellite TV, the house also offers access to a jacuzzi, barbecue, swimming pool and sauna!
Arcadia Wellness Park supplies
We’ll tell you a secret – we liked the jacuzzi and the possibility of grilling the most.
When we contacted Arcadia, the friendly staff informed us that the minimum number of nights we can spend in their wellness is 2 nights and the house we are staying in accommodates a maximum of 4 people. What we especially liked was the fact that if you pay 3 or more nights you get a discount.

The price we paid included all this…

1) Free internet and parking – we believe that this is the first item on everyone’s list of priorities (we know it is on ours)


2) Tourist tax – we like to know that this segment has been resolved at the beginning and there will be no unpleasant surprises


3) Bed and breakfast – we believe that you do not want to go to the store every morning 


4) Wood and charcoal for barbecue – when we still wanted to have fun with food that we prepared ourselves, barbecue was definitely the best choice


5) Unlimited use of the outdoor jacuzzi throughout the year – a fact that won us over when we planned a vacation



6) Unlimited use of the outdoor pool in season – who wouldn’t love to take a bath when temperatures rise?



7) Unlimited use of the outdoor sauna all year round – after the barbecue and pool, the sauna was a fantastic end to great day 


8) Use of towels, bathrobes and slippers – a few things less for stuffing travel bags which always comes in handy (especially for women…)



9) Welcome drink – a bottle of Međimurje wine (we don’t have to say anything more)  

Bonus for fans of interior design of Arcadia Wellness Park:

If you are unsure where to go, just look at the photos of the accommodation on the website of Arcadia Wellness Park and you will no longer hesitate. A lot of time and thought has been invested in this interior!

Your CTC Team, A.M.

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