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Healthy Tourism in Mali Lipik

Mali Lipik aspires to position itself as the focal point of health tourism and a significant stride toward this goal has been achieved. All of that through the European project “Therme Lipik.” The meticulous renovation of the National Baths, the last historically significant building awaiting restoration, has now transformed into a state-of-the-art wellness facility. 

Healthy Tourism in Mali Lipik

The rejuvenation didn’t stop there – the spa park, once recognized as the best landscaped park in Austria-Hungary, has undergone a revitalization process. Furthermore, the renowned Villa Zinka’s tourist potential will be fully harnessed. The culmination of these efforts, as highlighted in the project’s final conference, seamlessly combines the restoration of cultural heritage, the enhancement of natural beauty, and the celebration of centuries-old spa traditions. Terme Lipik stands as a testament to the collective aim of re-establishing Lipik as an essential destination for the holistic revitalization of body, mind, and spirit. 

Hrvoje Kovačić, the director of the Lipica Tourist Board, emphasized the enduring significance of the project, stating, “The renovation of the park and our spa represents an important step because everything will endure for the generations that follow us. Folk baths inject a fresh impetus into health tourism, enriching the tourist offerings that were previously lacking.” 

Therme Mali Lipik: A Historic Oasis Transformed for Modern Wellness and Tourism

In the heyday of Lipik, where the city center was predominantly reserved for the elite, a remarkable exception was made for the National Bath, designed for the common people. Today, this historic building has undergone a complete reconstruction, transforming into a haven for visitors. Immerse yourself in an engaging journey as modern multimedia equipment showcases the therapeutic wonders of thermal-mineral water. Tourists can now experience the historical evolution of treatment and rehabilitation with thermo-mineral water through a range of facilities, including a rejuvenating swimming pool, relaxing jacuzzi, invigorating Turkish bath, serene Finnish sauna, healing salt room, and a blissful massage area. 

Healthy Tourism in Mali Lipik

The revitalization extends beyond the National Bath, as the Lipica promenade has been meticulously restored, restoring the city’s original charm. Two distinct stylistic units, historicist neo-baroque with geometric gardens and late-romantic gardens with picturesque alleys and walkways, now coexist, transforming Lipik into a captivating blend of history and beauty. Recognizing the vast health and tourism potential alongside the need for increased market competitiveness, the city prioritized the spa’s renovation. 


Mayor Vinko Kasana emphasized their commitment to excellence in both tourism and health services, positioning Lipik’s spas at an enviable level. The comprehensive Terme Lipik project, led by the City of Lipik, not only includes the restoration of the park and National Baths but also unlocks the tourist allure of Villa Zinka. Here, an interpretation center of the thermal heritage of the City of Lipik, the Villa of Good Water, promises to enrich the visitor experience with its cultural and historical significance.  

A Multi-Million Euro Project Ushers in a New Era of Health Tourism and Wellness Services

In securing approximately 8.2 million euros in grants through the call “Preparation and implementation of integrated development programs based on the restoration of cultural heritage in the area of Slavonia, Baranja, and Srijem”, the community of Lipica has successfully propelled a project valued at nearly 9.7 million euros. 

Healthy Tourism in Mali Lipik

Iti s described as one of the most pivotal endeavors for Toplica Lipik, spanning from the Homeland War to the present. The project’s realization is anticipated to mark the first significant stride towards establishing Lipik as a hub for health tourism and modern wellness services. Director Goran Pušćenik expressed the profound impact this initiative will have on the region’s development. With completion slated for the fall of 2024, the Terme Mali Lipik project is poised to reshape the landscape and elevate Lipik’s status in the realm of tourism and well-being. 

Lipik's Wellness Revolution: A New Hub for Health Tourism

Mali Lipik is making big moves to become a top spot for health tourism in Croatia. Thanks to the Therme Lipik project, the National Baths have turned into a cool wellness place, and they’ve spruced up the spa park and Villa Zinka too. They want to give visitors a unique experience by blending history, natural beauty, and spa traditions in Terme Lipik. 


Now, the renovated National Bath is all modern and has neat facilities, like a swimming pool and jacuzzi. The Lipica promenade got a makeover too, adding to the city’s charm. With a bunch of grants, Lipica is pushing a big project worth almost 9.7 million euros, aiming to finish it by fall 2024. 

The goal? To turn Lipik into a top-notch spot for health tourism and wellness services. Mayor Vinko Kasana is all about making Lipik stand out, and with this project, they’re on their way to becoming a go-to place for a relaxing and revitalizing getaway. 

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