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If you‘re interested in living a long life, check out the Lošinj island…

...seems like they know the secret.

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Come on.

Be honest.

Are you feeling fine 100% each and every day of your life, without ever doubting there might be something more you could do?

The view of Lošinj
The view of Lošinj

We know you don’t have time, but guess what:

You do have time, the only question is if you want to invest your time in it.

Yes, we all need holidays to not do anything at all, but it doesn’t have to mean just lying on the beach.
On the contrary, it will only get you lazy, and it’s scientifically proved that people feel well recovered after having a productive and healthy activity.

And what a better time to do so than holidays. When all you have is free time.

The health potential of Lošinj island and the archipelago surrounding was recognized a long time ago.

Even Romans knew about it, but it was the year 1892 that marked a true start of “the health tourism” on the island. It was a year when Lošinj island became popular among the aristocracy of Austro-Hungarian court.

Counts, and barons, and celebrities, they all started building villas and residences on Lošinj and started spending their entire summers on the island.

Lošinj - The Paradise of Health Tourism
Lošinj - The Paradise of Health Tourism

Today, those villas and residencies stand out as a cultural heritage.

But, why is Lošinj such a healthy place?

There are many reasons. Let’s run through the first ones that comes to our mind:

  • The subtle Mediterranean climate of Lošinj island provides an average of 2.600 sunny hours a year
  • The salt from the sea provides an ideal combination of aerosols in the air
  • There are 1.018 plant species growing on an island, 939 of which are indigenous, 230 of which are considered to be highly therapeutic
  • There are more than 250 kilometres of beautiful walking and hiking trails, to ensure visitors have a chance to enjoy it all - breath in the aromas, absorb the colours
  • And finally, but not the least, there are dozens of beautifully conserved doves on an island, with a crystal clear turquoise blue sea

To celebrate the benevolence of their island, Lošinians arrange many events that encourage participating in active holidays.

Such as The Days of Ambrose Haračić, the man who first discovered the diversity of islands’ plant life.

Or The Days of Aromatherapy, during which visitors are closely introduced to the values and usage of aromatic oils derived from domestic trees.

The Days of Aromatherapy
The Days of Aromatherapy

An active holiday on Lošinj island will bring vitality back to your life.

People you know back home will not recognize you. They will not believe the impact the island has made on you.

Active Holiday
Active Holiday

They will probably attribute the new color of your skin to some special treatment. They will address your new-born energy to some special diets. Or some exhausting fitness program.

But, their arguments will immediately be disarmed with the new liveliness of your talk,

the new promptness of your walk,

the infectiousness of your positive energy.

And they will follow your footsteps to find your secret.

Only to end their search… at the island of health and vitality…

The Island of Lošinj.

Your CTC Team, I.K.

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