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Investing in Well-being: Co-financing 13 Spa and Wellness Tourism Projects

Investing in well-being, Croatia’s commitment is clear, as they co-finance 13 innovative projects in spa and wellness tourism.

Minister of Tourism, Nikolina Brnjac, shared that seven out of these lucky projects could receive extra funds from the state budget, in addition to the support from the NPOO. What’s even cooler? The government just gave the green light to allocate a whopping 60 million euros for these health tourism initiatives, with 20 million euros set aside for each of the next three years. That’s a significant boost from the existing 61.7 million euros in the NPOO. 

Investing in Well-being

Why is this important, you ask? Well, these projects aim to make Croatian tourism more exciting all year round and have a big impact on tourism in inland areas. So, get ready for some amazing changes in health tourism, making Croatia an even more awesome destination. 

Revitalizing Croatia: A 60 Million Euro Boost for Spa and Wellness Tourism

The government is supporting various projects through NPOO and the budget, including the renovation of the Inkey family castle in Koprivnica and the creation of a wellness center. There’s also the construction of a pool and a hotel at the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation in Stubička Toplice, improvements to the Minerva Hotel in Varaždinske Toplice, and enhancements to the offerings at Daruvarski Spa. 

Investing in Well-being

But wait, there’s more! The Naftalan Special Hospital’s health tourism project, the renovation of the Fontana building in Lipik Spa into a health tourism hotel, investments in the Bjelovarske Spa project, and support for the Special Orthopedic Hospital in Biograd na Moru, Thalassotherapy Crikvenica, Veli Lošinj Spa Center, Kalos Special Hospital, Topusko Spa, and Biokovka Special Hospital are also in line for co-financing. 


The government plans to invest 60 million euros in improving spa and wellness tourism. According to a study by the Zagreb Economic Institute, this investment could lead to an additional 1.13 billion euros of investments in the short term, boost GDP by 0.8%, and increase private investments by a whopping 9.8%. Now, that’s what we call investing in well-being! 

Investing In Well-being of Our Visitors

Croatia is dedicated to investing in the well-being of its visitors, offering a tapestry of wellness experiences that reflect a commitment to relaxation and rejuvenation. From the revitalizing thermal waters of Istria to the coastal luxury of spa resorts in Split, Croatia prioritizes the health and happiness of tourists. Investing in well-being, the country has strategically co-financed numerous health tourism projects, enhancing facilities such as the Inkey family castle in Koprivnica and the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation in Stubička Toplice. These efforts not only showcase Croatia’s dedication to providing a holistic travel experience but also underscore the nation’s belief that a healthy traveler is a happy traveler. 

Spa Destinations You Should Check Out!

Investing in Well-being
  • Rogaska Slatina Spa: Nestled in the heart of Slovenia, near the Croatian border, this spa town is renowned for its mineral-rich thermal water and wellness programs, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Terme Tuhelj: Located in the Hrvatsko Zagorje region, Terme Tuhelj boasts thermal springs and modern wellness facilities. Visitors can unwind in the thermal pools, and saunas, and indulge in spa treatments surrounded by picturesque landscapes.
  • Hotel Well, Terme Tuhelj: A luxury wellness hotel within the Terme Tuhelj complex, Hotel Well offers a sophisticated retreat with state-of-the-art spa facilities, gourmet dining, and a tranquil atmosphere.
  • Istarske Toplice: Situated in Istria, this wellness oasis combines thermal waters with a range of spa treatments, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a holistic approach to well-being.
  • Le Meridien Lav, Split: This beachfront hotel in Split not only offers luxurious accommodations but also features a world-class spa, where guests can enjoy a range of treatments, saunas, and relaxation areas overlooking the Adriatic Sea.
  • LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin: Tucked away in the rolling hills of Međimurje, this spa resort provides a perfect escape with thermal pools, wellness programs, and stunning natural surroundings.
  • Hotel & Spa Iadera, Falkensteiner: Located in Petrčane near Zadar, this modern spa hotel offers a serene coastal retreat with top-notch wellness facilities, including saunas, pools, and a variety of rejuvenating treatments. 

These wellness destinations in Croatia provide diverse experiences, from thermal springs to coastal luxury, ensuring that visitors can find the perfect retreat to unwind and recharge. 

Discover the diverse spa and wellness offerings, and let the investment in your well-being create unforgettable memories. Plan your wellness escape to Croatia today! 

Your CTC Team

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