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Ramarin Ranch: A combination of healthy vacation and good food

Ramarin Ranch is a beautiful place ideal for a healthy vacation, located in the heart of the Brod-Posavina County near the Sava River. We liked this oasis of peace, where we had the opportunity to enjoy an active holiday and fantastic food at very affordable prices, so much that we have already recommended it to all our friends. What all lovers of good wines will like the most is the fact that the ranch owns a winery and a vineyard. Ramarin Ranch describes the origin of the vineyard on its official website: “The ranch owns a vineyard that was planted with selected varieties of wines from the love of one man for one woman who is a lover of the sweet wines.”

Ramarin Ranch

Romantic, right?

We were certainly enchanted!

Accommodation at Ramarin Ranch

Before going on this short trip, we reviewed the offer of all similar places in Croatia, but we decided on Ramarin because of the accommodation offer. Namely, we could choose between a hostel (ideal accommodation if you are traveling with a group of friends) in which there are 8 four-bed rooms, places for a caravan (all places have electricity and water connections, and there is a sanitary facility nearby) and bungalows (include a double bed , wardrobe, TV, air conditioning, bathroom, night tables, desk, mini bar and extra bed for a child).

Given that there were only two of us and that we were staying for 4 days, we decided that the bungalow, although a bit more expensive, would be the best option for us. There is also a lake next to the house, so we felt more connected to nature right from the moment we arrived. The combination of modern life and nature was what we were looking for for this short vacation. We were greeted by sunny weather and a wonderful little house with a miniature terrace at the entrance. We immediately decided that we will have breakfast on it every morning!

Activities you can participate in if you stay at the ranch

When we were thinking about what we would like to try during our four-day stay at Ramarin Ranch, we saw that we will have enough time to get to try everything that the owners are most proud of. Of course, we brought sports clothes because we definitely planned to visit the whole place on foot, but we did not forget to take some more formal clothes for a nice dinner in a restaurant.

We started the first morning with breakfast on the terrace in front of the bungalow and enjoyed the view of the lake next to us. Then we decided to first try what the ranch is most proud of – the possibility of petting and riding numerous horses. We learned from the trainer that there are currently 11 thoroughbred horses living on the ranch, many of which are top sports competition horses that often go to various competitions and cups where they often win prizes. Our guide took us to meet some of them and the ones we will be riding. This was definitely the best part of the entire vacation for me, because these noble animals really help you forget about the fast pace of the city and completely surrender to nature.


Although Ramarin Ranch offers a riding school that takes place in a closed arena regardless of weather conditions, we unfortunately did not have time for such a thing, so we decided to pay for the “Big Walk” which cost us 13.28 EUR per person for 25 minutes of riding. We found out that it is also possible to pay for independent riding in nature for 19.92 EUR for 30 minutes, but considering that we did not remember the last time we got on a horse, we decided to leave that adventure for another time.

The next day, after breakfast, we wanted to ride bikes, so we rented one for 4 EUR, which seemed extremely cheap considering that we expected a higher price. Considering the vastness of the ranch, our drive took quite a long time, so it was certainly a good idea to bring sandwiches in addition to a bottle of water. We can say that the bikes we got were quite comfortable (as much as a bike can be haha) and the nature we saw while riding was enchanting. What we especially liked was the fresh air, the kind you won’t be able to feel in big cities like Zagreb, from which we were traveling.

We rode our bikes when the sun had already set a little
We rode our bikes when the sun had already set a little

Among the other activities that Ramarin Ranch offers, we would single out recreational carp and amur fishing. So, this place is truly ideal for all those who want peace and rest, and if you come with children, you will be delighted by the fact that inside the ranch there is a children’s playground, playrooms and children’s birthday parties are organized – all of which is complemented by horse riding!

We must not forget to mention the fantastic dinner for two that we truly enjoyed. This time we finally got our better clothes out of the closet in the bungalow and dressed up to try the traditional cuisine of this area. The restaurant offers kebabs, various patties, ribs, steaks, hamburgers, fish such as perch and carp, pizzas, salads, pancakes and meat platters. After thinking for a long time (because everything seemed so wonderful!), we decided that it is most profitable to take the Garčin plate for two, because we will eat really well for a fairly reasonable price. The Garčin plate contained grilled stuffed chicken, smoked hanger, cheese burger, fries, croquettes, onions, ajvar and pears. We paid it HRK 180 (EUR 23.89).

Delicious food at Ramarin Ranch!
Delicious food at Ramarin Ranch!

With full and satisfied stomachs, we went for a little walk around the ranch so that we could fall asleep more easily later. The evening walk was a fantastic idea as the temperature had dropped and the sun was gone, but it was still warm enough to walk for quite some time. When we look at our stay at Ramarin Ranch, we can only say that we are very glad that we chose this one out of the several options offered, because we really had fun enjoying a healthy holiday with countless fun activities!

Your CTC Team, A. M. 

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