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Replenish Your Energy in Quiet Lagoons of Dugi Otok Island

Quiet Lagoons of Dugi Otok are the one thing island has in abundance. Just you and the sounds of nature. No yelling. No murmur. No crowd. No kids running around splashing water and kicking sand all over the place. 

Cliffs on the Dugi Otok
Cliffs on the Dugi Otok

What do you usually do when you feel over-stressed and over-stretched?

Do you

A) discharge by undertaking some activity that requires high-energy outputs or

B) simply disappear. And disappear you will because most of the crowd, especially parents with little kids, choose Dugi Otok’s Sakarun beach on the northwest coast of the island because it’s equipped to sustain masses. But just a quick de-tour to which you’ll find yourself completely surrounded by nature and the relaxing sounds of slow, low-intensity waves.

What’s better? Destressing aggressively or disconnecting from everything in quiet lagoons of Dugi Otok ?

The human brain is a peculiar thing. Ran by a handful of chemicals, this walnut-looking thing can sometimes lead itself to the breaking point. When it happens, the brain tries to shut down everything in a desperate attempt to lower the levels of stress hormones and somehow pump endorphins into the system.

No stress in Croatia
No stress in Croatia

It’s that feeling of bliss and contagious happiness.

Can it be done with an aggressive discharge?

No, because aggressiveness triggers cortisol and adrenaline, which only puts additional stress on your body.

Beach on the Dugi Otok
Beach on the Dugi Otok

But move away from the urban lifestyle and spend just a few hours lying around in some quiet cove and you’ll feel the difference.

It’s close to impossible to think about business or home budget or any kind of problems connected to the modern way of living in such an environment. The moment you close your eyes, your mind takes you to a world where there are no worries.

All those different sounds stimulate your brain into releasing endorphins, also known as “happiness hormones.” It feels like you are dreaming while still being completely awake.
Does this remind you of something?

Yeah, it’s like you’re on some psychedelic drug.

Do you know what makes this possible?

Everything around us has only one tendency: to equalize or to induce the necessary balance. And we are not an exception.

The wind blows to equalize the pressure, humidity, and temperature. Rain falls when a critical mass of moisture accumulates in the air. Thunder strikes to discharge the atmosphere and equalize the ionization.

It’s always some opposite reaction. +/-, heat/cold, dry/moist, loud/silent.

Beautiful Sunset in Makarska
Beautiful Sunset in Makarska

So, if you live a usual contemporary (aggressive) urban lifestyle, adding another aggressive reaction would equal the situation where instead of rain, the atmosphere keeps pumping humidity into the clouds until everything reaches the boiling point and the system crashes with devastating consequences.

But release some humidity from the clouds from time to time (undertaking an opposite action) and you have stability. You have balance. An equilibrium.

In other words, when you’re stressed out, the best thing you can do is to remove yourself from such an aggressive environment and spend some time in the quite opposite one.


Can you think of a better place than some private, quiet place far, far away, where nobody knows your name like quiet lagoons of Dugi Otok ?


Your CTC Team, I.K.

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