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Best Time to Visit Croatia, choose your ideal time of the year

Best time to visit Croatia is actually anytime beacuse there are great places to see in all seasons: Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer. Given Croatia’s unique geology and position, and the fact that the country is the most famous for its crystal-clear Adriatic sea, the best time to visit Croatia is during June, July, and August. However…

Best time to visit Croatia: Croatia is a four-season country

The massive mountain range that separates the coastal region from the rest of the country has a significant impact on the climate and temperature.
Skiing in Croatia
Skiing in Croatia
It’s hard to imagine but, while you can ski up in the mountains during February and March, just a quick, half an hour drive to the south will take you to the sunny coast and warm temperature where you can sip your latte by the sea in your T-shirt.
Coffee With a View
Coffee With a View
It’s less crowded during the off-season, but still pleasantly warm along the coastline. Croatia is partially a Mediterranean country and, therefore, very warm during the early spring down at the coast.

Best time to visit Croatia: Still, the winter time offers unique advantages

For example, Croatia’s natural gem, Plitvice Lakes National Park, is simply breathtaking during the cold, winter days. Ice takes over the giant waterfalls, creating some of the world’s most astonishing scenes you can encounter. It proves that nature is still the best sculptor. Thousands from all over the world arrive at Plitvice every winter to witness Mother Nature’s amazing creativity. But that’s just the beginning.
Plitvice Lakes in Winter
Plitvice Lakes in Winter

The ancient Roman baths

Numerous deep underground springs of hot water heated by the Earth’s core found their way to the surface. Hundreds of years ago, Romans established natural hot baths across northern Croatia. Today, these are modern spa centers that offer an array of R&R packages for affordable prices. For example, one of the most visited, spa center Jezerčica, offers a 3-day package for two for just €200 total. The price includes unlimited use of hot baths with the water temperature up to 36°C, massages, sports activities, hiking, and everything you’d expect from such a place. And the best time to visit is January and February when daytime temperatures often plunge to -15°C while you are soaking in the hot bath, watching the snow falling down all around you. So, yes, we can say that the best time to visit Croatia to avoid crowds are spring, autumn and the winter months. You may not get some dark tan or enjoy the warm waters of the Adriatic sea but there are plenty of other options on your disposal. For example, let’s say that you, in fact, want to avoid the crowd.

What is the weather like in Croatia in September?

The last weekend in August marks the official end of the summer season. Most of the guests return to their homes leaving the resorts and coastal destinations half empty.

But can you still enjoy the warm sea and get some tan?

In Dubrovnik, at the far southeast of Croatia, day temperatures in September are still around 30°C with the average sea temperature around 24°C. In Istria, at the northwest of the coastline, temperatures are a bit lower than that but still pleasantly warm; around 25°C during the day. The sea temperature, however, is slightly lower than on the far southeast. In this part of the year, it averages at 22°C, which is still acceptable for many.
List of Countries by Average Yearly Temperature
List of Countries by Average Yearly Temperature

Best time to visit Croatia: What about May?

While it can still be cold on the north of the country, you will see the first groups of people enjoying their time on the beaches along the coastline and on the islands.

The sea temperature might still be a bit challenging for most people but just an hour under the sun and you’ll get a tan. It’s the pre-season time when the first guests arrive at hotels and private accommodations or camps to exploit the low prices.

As you could see, it might be hard to define the best time to visit Croatia because each season brings something unique that cannot be experienced at any other time of the year. Howerver, if you are just looking to soak in the warm and clear waters of the Adriatic sea and get some sun, while not minding the crowd, choose June, July, and August to visit Croatia. Especially if it’s your first-time visit.

Your CTC Team, I.K.

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