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Emergency Numbers and Procedures in Croatia

Emergency Numbers and Procedures are something everyone should obtain before travelling to any foreign country.

911 in the USA, is actually 112 in the EU and thus, Croatia. A unique number you should call if you find yourself in a dire situation.

Did you know that Croatia is one of only a few countries in the world with free search and rescue service?

Emergency SOS
Emergency SOS

Why are emergency numbers and procedures so important to know? Every year, dozens of people get lost in mountains or at sea. Organized teams that, if situation demands, include police and the military, will jump to the rescue at the first signal.

And the procedure, if you happen to find yourself stranded and lost or in some sort of immediate danger, is simple.

Emergency Numbers and Procedures: Take your cell phone and dial 112

That’s the universal number to call in such situations when you are in Croatia or in any one of the EU countries.

The dispatch will automatically connect you to the most suitable emergency service such as police, ambulance, fire brigade or search and rescue.

When on the sea, you can use the mobile app

Croatia is the founder of EmergenSea or Emergent Help and Delivery at Sea. The organization developed a life-saving mobile app everyone can download HERE.

A simple tap will mark your GPS position and send rescue your way. It can even be used if your vessel runs out of fuel or you experience some mechanical issue.

The alternative for search and rescue and general help on the sea is dialing 195. Croatia is 99% covered with a mobile signal so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Strategic placement of transmitters on Croatia’s many islands plus satellite coverage ensures that you can call for help from any place.

Emergency Numbers and Procedures: Other useful emergency numbers in Croatia

Beside universal 112, there are numbers you can dial to connect directly with the specific service you require. Of course, you can use your mobile phone.
Emergency Numbers
Emergency Numbers

192 – police

193 – fire brigade

194 – ambulance

1987 – road assistance (may incur fees!)

However, it is recommended that you use 112 no matter the type of urgency. That’s the number that saves lives.

Your CTC Team, I.K.

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