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Lonely Planet Has Featured Croatia on Its List of Must-visit Places

Croatia has earned its spot among the top 10 must-visit places for 2024 according to the travel experts at Lonely Planet. Croatia is standing tall alongside India, Morocco, Chile, and Mexico. The word is out – Croatia’s fantastic reputation is reaching far and wide! Many visitors, enchanted by our country’s beauty, keep coming back and spreading the word. Thanks to their glowing reviews, Lonely Planet has given Croatia a thumbs-up, featuring it as a hot destination for 2024. Ready to discover why? Pack your bags and let Croatia’s charm be your guide! 

Lonely Planet has featured Croatia on its list of must-visit tourist destinations 1

Croatia: A Tapestry of Beauty, Culture, and Adventure Recommended by Lonely Planet for 2024

Lonely Planter included Croatia on its list of must-visit places for a reason. Or better – for many reasons. 

So, why should you choose Croatia for your next adventure? Well, besides

  • the breathtaking natural beauty,
  • Croatia’s rich culture,
  • welcoming locals,
  • and continuous progress in tourism 
Lonely Planet has featured Croatia on its list of must-visit tourist destinations 1

make it a standout destination. Imagine strolling through the ancient streets of Dubrovnik, exploring the lush greenery of Plitvice Lakes, or basking in the sun on the picturesque beaches of Hvar. Croatia offers a diverse range of experiences, from historical landmarks to pristine natural parks. 

Lonely Planet has featured Croatia on its list of must-visit tourist destinations 1

And it’s not just Lonely Planet that recognizes Croatia’s allure. Alongside countries like Mongolia, India, Morocco, Chile, and Mexico, Croatia proudly claims its spot on the list of top destinations. If sustainability is your thing, Lonely Planet has you covered with their lists of the best eco-friendly spots.


Want the best city vibes? Check. Dreaming of exploring the most exciting region? Check. Looking for destinations that won’t break the bank? Double-check. 

So get ready for an unforgettable journey. Croatia welcomes you with open arms! 

Lonely Planet and Its List of Must-visit Places

Lonely Planet, a globally renowned travel resource, is your compass to the world’s most captivating destinations. They curate a treasure trove of travel information, expert advice, and inspiring stories.  What sets Lonely Planet apart is their dedication to uncovering hidden gems and showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of each destination. From the bustling streets of metropolises to the serene landscapes off the beaten path, Lonely Planet delves into the heart of travel experiences. 

One of the highlights of Lonely Planet is their coveted List of Must-visit Places. This annual compilation isn’t just a random assortment. It’s a carefully crafted selection of destinations that promise extraordinary experiences. 


Lonely Planet is like a travel buddy for everyone who loves exploring. They share lots of travel tips, cool stories, and info about awesome places around the world. And for countries that want more visitors, getting on Lonely Planet’s list is like a thumbs-up. It says, “Hey, people, come check us out!” It’s not just about famous places; it’s also about showing off spots that are budget-friendly, eco-friendly, and full of culture. 

So, think of Lonely Planet as your travel friend who helps you find the coolest places and tells the world which spots are worth a visit. They’re all about making travel awesome for everyone!  

Hidden Beauties: Discovering Croatia's Lesser-Known Gems

Zlatni rat
  • Varaždin: A cute town up north with old pretty buildings, fun street parties, and a calm vibe, making it a nice place away from the busy tourist spots.
  • Rastoke: It’s like a fairy tale near Plitvice Lakes – small houses on waterfalls, super pretty and peaceful.
  • Motovun: An old town on a hill in Istria with old walls, bumpy streets, and awesome views of green hills.
  • Osijek: A city in the east of Croatia with old buildings, a busy market, and a river to chill by.
  • Kopački Rit: A big swampy area in the east with lots of water and plants, great for seeing birds and animals, and it’s like a natural wonderland to explore.
  • Zlatni rat: One of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. A heaven for gliders.

Ready for an adventure? Croatia’s got more than the famous spots – there are hidden gems waiting for you! Imagine strolling through charming towns, exploring nature wonders, and soaking in the local vibes. It’s not just for the fancy travelers; it’s for everyone who loves good times. Pack your bags, grab your buddies, and let’s explore the awesome side of Croatia together. Fun times are just around the corner!


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