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Most Reliable Croatia Charter Services on the Dalmatian Coast

Most Reliable Croatia Charter Services are Ultra Sailing Yacht Charter Croatia and Kiriacoulis Mediterranean Croatia charter.

Croatia charter currently accounts for 30% of the global charter business. Croatia is the top nautical destination with close to 1000 registered charter companies among which over 700 is active.

Among them all, two are distinguishing itself across several factors.

Sailing in Croatia
Sailing in Croatia

Most Reliable Croatia Charter Services: Ultra Sailing Yacht Charter Croatia, operating since 1995​

This is the top Croatia charter company by all accounts. USYCC has one of the largest and most diversified fleets that scope from small sailing boats to luxury yachts with or without skipper.

Another reason to choose Ultra Sailing is their sailing school. It attracts less experienced sailors year after year because it allows novices to turn into skippers at an extremely affordable price.

Sailing School Croatia
Sailing School Croatia

Ultra Sailing’s vessels can be rented in four major marinas on the Croatian coast:

  • Dubrovnik: top Croatian destination at the southeast tip of the coast
  • Kaštela: greater Split area, Dalmatia county, the base of Ultra’s One design boats
  • Split: second largest city in Croatia and the administrative center of Dalmatia county, situated at the center of the Adriatic coast, also the base Ultra’s sailing school
  • Trogir: near Split, where Ultra is focusing their smaller sailing boats ideal for families (31-45ft)
Experienced staff and a renowned name on the global level are guarantees that you’ll receive top quality Croatian charter service.

Most Reliable Croatia Charter Services: Kiriacoulis Mediterranean Croatia charter service

The Greek-owned international charter company with over 400 vessels in the wider Mediterranean area, currently holds close to 100 of them in Croatia.

What sets Kiriacoulis apart from the rest of the Croatia charter services is their long tradition in charter operations. They are in the business since 1980 and the only Greek group that expanded their operations abroad.

In 1997, Kiriacoulis Mediterranean Cruises Shipping Company S.A. received ISO 9002 international standard for the quality of the services followed by ISO 9001:2000 in April 2002 and ISO 9001:2008 plus ISO 14001:2004 in 2010.

Sailing Group
Sailing Group

Kiriacoulis charter vessels can be rented from 6 major Croatian marinas:

  • Pula: the administrative center of Istria county at the northwest tip of the Croatian coast
  • Biograd Na Moru: near Zadar, Dalmatia county
  • Trogir: near Split, Dalmatia county
  • Krvavica: Riviera Makarska, southeast of Split
  • Zadar: the ancient fortified coastal town in Dalmatia county, among the largest cities on the Croatian coast
  • Split: the administrative center of Dalmatia county and one of the major centers for all Croatia charter companies

It may sound unfair to focus on only two Croatia charters among over 700 active charter companies but after a detailed review of each of them, Ultra Sailing and Kiriaciulis Mediterranean are the top two services by every account.


Your CTC Team, I.K.

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