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Top 10 Destinations in Croatia everyone visits during holidays

These are the Top 10 Destinations in Croatia according to the global survey from earlier this year. The question was simple!

What impresses you most during holidays in Croatia?

It might come as a surprise to many, but the crystal clear blue sea and suntanning are not the only things that attract people to Croatia.

#1 – Plitvice Lakes National Park

A unique, almost surreal geological, morphological, hydrological, and pristine environment in this part of Europe. Central Croatia is the region where Plitvice Lakes National Park creates that Wow! effect on anyone who visits it.
Plitvice Lakes National Park
Plitvice Lakes National Park

“Breathtaking…relaxing…energy…is it real…magic…”

“The place where I came closest to God,” as one Dutch man vividly described his winter experience in Plitvice Lakes.

These are just a few of the most common responses you get from people about the park. And it doesn’t really matter which time of the year is it because every season brings something unique.

The cascading chain of lakes, leading to the giant waterfall, hidden inside the dense, pristine and virgin forest simply takes your breath away.

Thus, it’s no wonder that Plitvice Lakes National Park are among the top 10 destinations in Croatia.

#2 – Sunset

Sunsets in Opatija, Lošinj, Zadar, Split, Riviera Makarska, and Dubrovnik leave deep impressions on everyone and they definitely belong to the list of top 10 destinations in Croatia.
Sunset in Croatia
Sunset in Croatia

Some return engaged while some decide to speed up their wedding plans and marry on the spot, during the holidays. Others, however, book a bonus week. And there are those who immediately book their trip for following year.

Watching the sun slowly disappear under the blue sea of the Adriatic leaves nobody indifferent. And that’s a promise.

#3 – Split

Not the movie but, “The most beautiful town I’ve ever seen.” Which is the most frequent comment you hear about Split, the ancient city, second largest in Croatia, Central Dalmatia, right on the Adriatic coast.

“I was stunned after learning that I’m in the middle of the palace built by the Roman Emperor. You don’t get to feel like that a lot,” says one tourist.

“It’s hard to imagine that this modern lifestyle is happening on the streets of the ancient city. I could stay put and soak up the moment for eternity,” is our pick as the top impression about Split.

And the list goes on, especially when Game of Thrones fans plug-in and start talking about their experience in Meereen or Bravos.

#4 – King’s Landing, a simply inevitable place to end among top 10 destinations in Croatia!

Dubrovnik. The ancient city that has guarded the entrance to the Adriatic sea for over a millennium.

“I can’t get enough of this town, I feel like I’m constantly walking through a movie set. It’s so photogenic!”

Dubrovnik Old Town
Dubrovnik Old Town

Dubrovnik, or King’s Landing for the Game of Thrones fans, is among top world destination year after a year. However, the famous TV show is only one out of many reasons why people including celebrities, royals, and billionaires are coming to Dubrovnik.

#5 – Not the place but the clear, blue sea

Instagram celeb, Lauren Bullen, known as @gypsea_lust took an astonishing photo on the island of Mljet, known for its transparent sea and pristine ecosystem.
MLJET - Most attractive pearl of the Mediterranean
MLJET - Most attractive pearl of the Mediterranean

Check out the photo here and you’ll instantly see why everybody is talking about the crystal blue sea of the Croatian Adriatic Sea.

#6 – Rovinj

Whether you are a tennis enthusiast or a poet looking for a muse, Rovinj is definitely your place.
Rovinj - Beauty of Mediterranean as it once was
Rovinj - Beauty of Mediterranean as it once was

Those that have been to Rovinj know why it’s among the Top 10 Destinations in Croatia.

The small, shield-shaped, ancient coastal town dominated by the small elevated area with the ancient church in the middle is also known as the “Picturesque Pearl of Adriatic.”

In other words, Rovinj is the destination of choice for all of those looking for romantic and inspirational holidays.

#7 – Korčula

“I’ve never been so impressed by a little town like this!” One tourist posted on Instagram after spending two whole weeks on the island of Korčula, just off the Dalmatian coast.
City of Korčula on the island Korčula
City of Korčula on the island Korčula

And, no wonder considering the landscape, the ancient architecture, and the fact that it was in 12th century BC by the Trojan hero Antenor.

Not many islands worldwide can take pride in such a rich history like Korčula. Once you experience it, you will want to come back soon because once is just not enough.

#8 – Hvar

Perhaps you know it from your history books or Tomb Rider game as Pharos? For everybody who has ever been to Hvar, it is a place of great fun and beautiful beaches.
Sunny Hvar
Sunny Hvar

Being the place with the most sunshine hours per year on the planet, this island, where summers are hot and winters are mild, is now extending the season.

Numerous recommendations and compliments bring tourists from all over the world even during the winter. Just one glimpse from the castle walls and you can get a clear understanding of what attracts people to Hvar year after a year.

#9 – Enjoying the coffee or a glass of wine with the sea view as one of 10 destinations in Croatia

This is yet another “destination” that isn’t a particular place but rather the entire Adriatic coast with its thousands of islands’ shores.
Enjoying Pula with a Glass of Wine with the sea view
Enjoying Pula with a Glass of Wine with the sea view

Having breakfast or enjoying great company with a glass of wine in your hand while watching the sunset right beside the clearest sea in Europe. That leaves a deep impression on everyone who experiences these unique and unforgettable moments.

It’s one of the Top 10 experiences and reasons why people are coming to Croatia and we couldn’t agree more.

#10 – Stiniva beach

How would you like to stumble upon a hidden paradise?

Stiniva Cove - the hidden gem of Adriatic Sea.
Stiniva Cove - the hidden gem of Adriatic Sea.

That’s how everybody who discovers Stiniva Cove and beach respectively feels. Named Europe’s Best Beach 2016, Stiniva is the hidden gem of the Adriatic Sea.

We will give you a hint: it’s located on the island of Vis.

These were the Top 10 Destinations in Croatia according to an Instagram survey. Trust us when we say that, this is just a fraction of everything you can see, feel, taste and in any way experience when you come to visit Croatia.

Your CTC Team, I.K.

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