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Did Extraterrestrials Play the Role in Nikola Tesla’s Success?

Did Extraterrestrials Play the Role in Nikola Tesla’s Success? Strange question, we know…so let us start from the beginning.

There are maybe few people left on the planet Earth who are still unfamiliar with who Nikola Tesla was. He is a big part contributor to our history, yet he was not recognized as a true inventor while he was alive. Tesla was way ahead of his time, and many of his inventions were never approved by society. Although today, we admire this man, and he serves as an inspiration to many scientists and the others.

The Genius Nikola Tesla
The Genius Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla's Success: A brief history of inventors life

Nikola was born on July 10, 1856, in Smiljan, a small village in Lika, central Croatia. Tesla’s father Milutin was an Orthodox priest, and his mother Georgina (Đuka) was a housekeeper. He died on January 7th, 1943 in New York. He was an extraordinary child, and his willingness to create something new and useful out of nothing was one of his greatest strengths.

One story from his earliest days says that one day he decided to jump from a rooftop with his grandfather’s old umbrella, but the experiment wasn’t successful, and he injured himself. Child’s wish to fly was probably not so fruitful and safe move, but it was the beginning of his invention driven journey.

He learned from his mistakes, and every obstacle along the way was a motivation to get more proficient, and to find a solution to every possible problem.

Lika and Gorski Kotar Landscape
Lika and Gorski Kotar Landscape

His educational and professional journey

Tesla finished his first grade in Smiljan, Croatia. After that, his family moved to Gospic, where he ended elementary education. Then, he attended high school in Rakovec, today known as Gymnasium Karlovac, Croatia.

Tesla was a major supporter of the alternating power, while Edison advocated the DC power. This period in history is recognized as the “War of Power”.

In Graz, he first saw the Gramme dynamo, an electric generator that converts mechanical energy to electricity that is further distributed through power lines to domestic, commercial, and industrial customers. Tesla conceived a way to use alternating current and changed the world forever..

Nikola Tesla's Success: Making an impact

Popping one idea after another, and hoping to materialize his concept of ​​constructing an inboard combustion engine, Nikola Tesla goes to Paris and starts working on Continental Edison Company, which deals with direct current (DC) power.

He then goes to Strasbourg where he administers automatic lighting regulators and creates the first electromotor without a commutator. In 1884, after fruitless attempts to collect funds for the actualization for one of his greatest inventions, Tesla decided to go to the United States to work at the Edison Machine Works factory.

Tesla was a major supporter of the alternating power, while Edison advocated the DC power. This period in history is recognized as the “War of Power”.

J.P. Morgan gave funds for the construction of the world’s radio broadcasting system and begins to build a radio station on Long Island, where Tesla dreamed to achieve a peaceful transmission of energy.

In order to allay fears of alternating currents, Tesla gave exhibitions in his laboratory in which he lit lamps by allowing electricity to flow through his body. He was often invited to lecture at home, and abroad. The Tesla coil, which he invented in 1891, is widely used today in the radio, and television sets, and other electronic equipment.

Let it be Light
Let it be Light

Ups and downs

However, investors started doubting the plausibility of Tesla’s system and Thomas Edison continued to make great advances with his own radio technologies. Tesla had no choice but to abandon the project. He also discovered terrestrial stationary waves in Colorado Springs, and it was his most important discovery of all times. By inventing this, Tesla proved that Earth could be used as a conductor, and made to resonate at a certain electrical frequency.

He also lit 200 lamps without wires from a distance of 40 km, and created man-made lightning producing flashes.

Some bizarre events are also connected to Tesla. At one time, he was certain that he had received signals from another planet in his Colorado laboratory — a claim that was met with derision in some scientific journals. But almost no one believed it. In spite of all that, Tesla continued to be innovative, motivated, and numerous discoveries, inventions, and constructions were on the rise.

His last days

Due to the lack of funds, many of his projects remained in his notebooks, which are, nowadays, still examined by enthusiasts for unexploited clues.

We should be thankful to this extreme inventor. He contributed to the modern society and technology in many ways. Tesla wanted to make Earth a better living place for all the people out here. However, others didn’t support this mindset and he died poor and reclusive from coronary thrombosis on January 7th, 1943, at the age of 86, in New York City, where he had lived for nearly 60 years.

The Memorial Center of Nikola Tesla
The Memorial Center of Nikola Tesla

He was and still is one of the most recognizible Croats to date.

In his entire lifetime, there were just a few people close to him. Some of them were famous writers like Robert Underwood Johnson, Mark Twain, and Francis Marion Crawford.

His work now cannot go unnoticed, and the legacy left behind him lives on.


Today, you can visit his childhood home that’s been converted into a museum. It’s just a few miles off teh main highway that connects north and south of Croatia.


Your CTC Team, V.K.

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