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Eco Holidays in Croatia – TOP 3 ecotourism holidays destinations

Don’t know what to expect from eco holidays in Croatia? Do you want to see how they make bread in a traditional way, using fire? 

Or how they use the power of water to mill the wheat and corn into flour to make the bread? Bread they serve along the tray full of various smoked delicacies and fresh cow cheese for breakfast.

All grown organically! But, there is much more than just great food and beautiful nature.

Rural Tourism in Croatia
Rural Tourism in Croatia

Yes. It’s going to be an eco holiday in Croatia you will never forget

Croatia is not only famous for the beaches, azure sea, pristine islands, and protected nature parks. You see, there are dozens of small, family-owned, rural eco-ethno homesteads. And they keep their doors open. For whom? For everyone who wants to spend a weekend or even a week in more of a traditional setup. In case you didn’t know, there are entire eco holiday villages in Croatia. The exact look and feel of the old days. These are all completely self-sustainable economies. And they rely on their own labor and nature to provide for themselves. The techniques they are using in the production of exclusively eco-food are passing from one generation to the next. It’s an endless chain that can be traced back hundreds of years. In other words, everything you’ll eat is, in fact, tied to the paleo diet. Hence, if you want to spend an eco holiday and literally taste the past, pick any of the following 3 eco-ethno destinations. Any of these excurcions will leave a deep and long-lasting impression. Foe which you will start questioning your entire urban lifestyle. First, let’s go to a village in a valley with 9 springs of fresh water. Which has been there since 1275.  

#1 – Eco-ethno village “Stara Kapela,” Slavonia Region

Eco-ethno village “Stara Kapela,” Slavonia Region
Eco-ethno village “Stara Kapela,” Slavonia Region
Close to eight centuries of customs passing from one generation to the next and an absolute devotion to the preservation of the village in its original state. That’s echo-ethno village “Stara Kapela.”The village is quietly breathing in the nature park in west Slavonia, a region in the eastern, central Croatia.

The live version of the lifestyle of pre-industrial times.

See, feel, and actively participate in everyday choruses of your hosts. They will ensure that you don’t go hungry. We are talking about the whole variety of delicacies, common to this part of the country. You’ll even experience the genuine street lighting that was in use before electricity and grids. And if you want to spend an active day, there is a 13-kilometer-long cycling track. It’s not boring or difficult in any way. There are resting places made of massive oak wood and info boards showing the history and wildlife along the track. If 13 km is too much for you, don’t worry, there’s a shortcut to the village about every few kilometers. Now, let’s move further east.  

#2 – Eco-ethno village “Karanac,” Baranja region

If you want to experience the open countryside, head to the far east of continental Croatia.
Eco-ethno village “Karanac,” Baranja region
Eco-ethno village “Karanac,” Baranja region

Baranja region is known for fertile plains, productive agriculture, and some of the most delicious homemade delicacies you’ll ever taste.
It has been turning its attention to the preservation of the tradition, customs, and architecture of its historical villages.

One of those villages is the picturesque eco-ethno village, Karanac.

First stop, the small eco-ethno homestead Sklepic where everything is right as it was 150 years ago. You can book a bed and traditional Baranian breakfast for as little as €22.

Next, the famous eco-restaurant, Baranjska Kuca eng. Baranian House.

The Best Restaurant in the County in 2015. Baranjska Kuca provides a wide range of eco holiday activities. Besides great meals, authentic bedding, and a warm atmosphere of course.

For example, there is a “Street of Forgotten Time.” You can get a sense of how it was to produce pottery, furniture, and clothing in times before electricity and mass production.

And this is just a fraction of everything that awaits you in Karanac.

Now for something a little more exciting. At least for those looking for just the right mixture of relaxation and active, educational vacation or teambuilding.

#3 – “Zlatna Greda,” eco-center and house in nature

Zlatna Greda is in the center of Baranja region. It’s near Osijek, the regional center of eastern Slavonia. Right in the forests surrounding Kopački Rit Nature Park.

“Zlatna Greda,” eco-center and house in nature
“Zlatna Greda,” eco-center and house in nature

Eco-center “Zlatna Greda” offers a wide variety of activities besides the traditional bedding and cuisine.

It’s eco holiday experience is on another level:

  • Package programs: For relaxation and a fun time in a natural environment of the park. It is known as the European Amazon. It is Heaven for ornithologists and wildlife explorers. And the quickest and most effective way to de-stress and recharge.
  • Educational programs: Consisting of schools in nature, lectures, and presentations about nature and wildlife. Everything is custom made for each age group in particular.
  • Adventure programs: For the moments when you want to spend an active day. Explore floodplains of Danube and Drava rivers on your bike or in your kayak.
  • Teambuilding: Popular among responsible business owners and top-level executives. Namely because of the unique surroundings, relaxing atmosphere and adrenaline park that’s been built recently.
Croatian Tradition in “Zlatna Greda,” eco-center and house in nature
Croatian Tradition in “Zlatna Greda,” eco-center and house in nature

If you want more from your vacation, eco-center “Zlatna Greda” is where you want to go. Spend a weekend in nature and then head to the coast. Get some sun and an entirely different type of adventure.

A few quick facts about life in the village and countryside in general:

  • People in the countryside sleep 25% more than city folks
  • There are 27% fewer quarrels in the countryside than in the cities
  • On average, every person who resides in a village has 17% more house friends than his or her city peer
  • Spending time in the countryside connects families

We could go on and on like this. However, the point is that you should consider taking a different kind of a vacation from time to time. Just to break the routine if nothing else.


Your CTC Team, I.K.

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