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New Nature Park in Croatia

A new nature park is coming to Croatia, covering a big area of more than 31,000 hectares. That is something you need to see! In January, they agreed on this plan with Krapina-Zagorje and Varaždin counties and talked to representatives from 14 cities and municipalities. 

The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development shared on Tuesday that they’re actively working on protecting Ivanščica, Strahinjčica, Maceljska Gora, and Ravna Gora. They aim to declare the Hrvatski Zagorje area as a nature park soon. 

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This idea started in 2009 and got a boost in 2021. In January, they finalized the plan with the counties and had discussions with city and municipality representatives. Just to give you an idea, the Medvednica Nature Park is around 18,000 hectares, and Biokovo Nature Park is nearly 20,000 hectares. 

The goal is to make people in that region aware of the nature park concept and understand how it will affect them. The Ministry wants to gather opinions from the local population, according to the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development. 

Magnificent Hrvatsko Zagorje

The natural beauty of Hrvatsko Zagorje is seen as something precious. They believe that making it a nature park is a good way to protect its natural treasures while also using its resources wisely. When they declare it a nature park, they hope that the natural and scenic wonders, combined with the area’s rich history and culture, will become the foundation for the region’s development. 


The nature park will be taken care of by a public institution created by the government. This institution will play a role in developing the area, helping the local people connect with organizations in charge of agriculture and other economic activities. It will also partner in certifying, promoting, and marketing local products, as well as restoring cultural and historical sites. At the same time, they aim to make the park a popular destination for sustainable tourism. 

Creating this public institution will also bring new job opportunities. They expect that tourism will have positive effects on Hrvatsko Zagorje, improving its economic condition overall. 

New Nature Park in Hrvatsko Zagorje: A Boost for Local Development, Sustainability, and Quality of Life

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When they officially declare the area a nature park, they expect that the natural beauty, along with its rich history, will become the foundation for developing that part of Hrvatsko Zagorje. This move is seen as a chance to get more recognition and promotion both nationally and internationally. It also opens up opportunities for sustainable tourism, recreational spots in nature, and the overall growth of the region. Plus, it makes it easier to access funds from the European Union for projects that aim to protect the natural and cultural features of the area. 

Examples of places that have benefited from EU funds in other nature parks include the Heavenly Promenade in Biokovo, Geoinfo Center in Voćin, Visitor Center Poklon in Učka, Cerovačke špilje in Velebit, and more. 

The Ministry believes that having a nature park will help maintain the quality of life and health of the local people by preserving rural homes and counteracting the trend of people leaving the area. The mayor of Stubičke Toplice Municipality, whose area is part of the Medvednica Nature Park, expressed satisfaction, mentioning that the conditions set by the Nature Park ensure responsible use of space, contributing to environmental conservation. 


He also highlighted that preserved nature attracts young people to settle in their municipality and provides opportunities for local food production and tourism. The mayor emphasized the excellent cooperation with the Medvednica Nature Park institution and expressed confidence in its continuation.  

Collecting Mushrooms and Plants Is Possible

You are allowed to collect plants and mushrooms that are not specially protected for business purposes. You can also do this outside the nature park. For that you need permission from the ministry in charge of nature protection and the approval of the landowner. For example, you can collect porcini mushrooms, chanterelles, hornworts, hawthorn, ferns, and similar species. All that if they are not specially protected, and you have the ministry’s permission. 


However, in places like national parks and strict reserves, you can’t collect anything because it’s not allowed. In the nature park and areas around it, you can’t commercially use protected species like sedge, yew, sedge, mistletoe, etc. But you can freely collect other species that are not specially protected with the ministry’s permission. 

If you’re collecting for your use, there are rules in place that you should follow. You don’t need permission from the ministry for personal collection. The thing is that there are limits on how much you can collect each day. These rules also apply if you’re collecting outside the nature park. 

Visit Croatian Continental Parts

Decide to go on a green adventure in the new nature park in Croatia covering 31,000 hectares. While the official proclamation is still in the works, this insider’s scoop makes Zagorje an enticing vacation destination. Beyond Croatia’s famed coastal towns, this initiative showcases the country’s rich continental wonders. It offers travelers a unique blend of nature, history, and culture. 

New Nature Park in Croatia 5

Imagine foraging for mushrooms and plants, contributing to Croatia’s commitment to preserving its natural treasures. Pack your bags for a Zagorje getaway and be part of this exciting journey towards sustainable tourism and environmental preservation. 

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