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D-Marin Marina Dalmatia – We went and this is what we’ve learned

D-Marin Marina Dalmatia is the single largest marina on the Croatian coast that stretches on 35ha and covers the area of Bibinje and Sukošan. (D-Marin Croatia, formerly Marina Dalmatia)

And just last year, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) brought in 25% of shares of D-Marinas B.V. holding that currently owns the network of 10 marinas in Croatia, Greece, and Turkey.

D Marin Marina Dalmatia
D Marin Marina Dalmatia

Why D-Marin Marina Dalmatia?

One of the major advantages of the marina is its protected position. The complex is built inside the naturally protected bay that shields the wider area from storms; thus, enhancing the safety level of the ported vessels.

The renovation of D-Marin Marina Dalmatia that took place a couple of years ago, transformed the old marina into a new technological homeport for a wide range of vessels. It provides any needed — and expected — service you can think of. In other words, a full-scale service.

Furthermore, D-Marin Dalmatia is now an attractive nautical and tourist hub spot that bears significant importance to the chain of destinations on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea. With that in mind, special attention has been given to the appearance and the protection of the bay itself. Marina owns its own wastewater treatment and purification system.

Porting capabilities of D-Marin Marina Dalmatia

With berthing capacity of 1200, Dalmatia ports vessels up to 80 meters in length with the draft of a maximum 7 meters.

There’s also 1200 parking slots and 300 dry docks.

D Marin Dalmatia Porting Capabilities and Services
D Marin Dalmatia Porting Capabilities and Services

Location of D-Marin Marina Dalmatia

D-Marin Marina Dalmatia is built in the center of the Adriatic Sea. That geolocation, for instance, allows superyachts owners to reach any point in the Adriatic within a day. It’s easily accessible by land. A modern and secure freeway is only 4 miles away, right in Zadar. Zadar, by the way, is the tourist hub spot packed with great restaurants, rich nightlife, cultural events, and historical monuments. In addition, if you need to spend the day shopping, you can’t really ask for a better destination. The nearby Zemunik airport makes the marina accessible by air since the airport is directly connected to the major European centers.
Sky View of the Marina
Sky View of the Marina

Experienced and trained staff

D-Marin group is well-known for its continuous education for staff on all levels. That’s one of the reasons why extended services offer a full-scale service of almost any vessel and individual parts.

What we learned from boat owners we met in the marina those few days we spent there, is that they are all quite satisfied with the overall service. Some of them did show a bit of disappointment with the hospitality of the staff but these are isolated cases that should be observed within their context. We didn’t have such experience. On the contrary, from the service staff to the bartender, everybody was eager to make our stay as pleasant as humanly possible.

If you need additional insider information or direct assistance with part of the entire porting process, give us a call and we’ll arrange everything.


One more thing before you turn your attention to something else on our site. D-Marin Marina Dalmatia doesn’t offer reservations of berths.


Your CTC Team, I.K.

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