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Rovinj Celebrates ACI’s 40th Anniversary

One thing in undianable: This is the year in which Rovinj celebrates ACI’s 40th anniversary. Nautical tourism in Croatia is bigger than ever! 

They’ve got a bunch of awards showing how much they care about making things top-notch for you, keeping you happy, and taking care of the environment. Look out for those blue flags flying at most ACI marinas. The ones in Rovinj and Cres are extra special with a super cool five-anchor rating. 

Rovinj Celebrates ACI's 40th Anniversary Decades of Strengthening Croatia's Global Standing in Nautical Tourism 2

But it’s not just about sailing; ACI is all about being eco-friendly. They’re like superheroes for the seas, making sure they:

  • manage waste water right,
  • cut down on food and plastic waste,
  • save water,
  • and use renewable energy. 

Minister Nikolina Brnjac, the tourism and sports expert, gave them a big shout-out for being leaders in sustainable tourism

Today, ACI is the king of marinas in the Mediterranean. Cheers to ACI—making big waves and breaking boundaries for Croatian excellence! 🚢🌊  

Celebrating 40 Years of ACI: Sailing Croatia to the Top of Global Nautical Tourism

ACI is like a sea superhero with 22 marinas (and one more coming soon), linking the best spots in the Adriatic. ACI is making sure Croatia is the boss of nautical tourism worldwide. How? By paying attention to what sailors want, offering cool stuff, and always investing. 

Josip Bilaver, the State Secretary for the Sea and EU Funds, represented Minister Oleg Butković at the celebration. He said ACI has been a big part of making Croatia the top nautical destination globally in the last 40 years. 


“We’re super proud, especially because ACI keeps investing. They just finished up in Rovinj and are now working on the Porto Baroš project in Rijeka. And guess what? They’re into renewable energy, tech upgrades, and embracing new times. That’s awesome news for the future of ACI,” Bilaver shared. Kristjan Staničić, the boss at the Croatian Tourist Board, also joined the party. He gave ACI props for being the biggest marina chain in the Mediterranean. He thinks it’s extra special because it’s a Croatian creation, made possible by smart and skilled people. 

Croatia's Nautical Marvels and ACI's 40-Year Celebration

Let us spill the beans on Croatia’s nautical scene – it’s like a treasure chest waiting to be discovered! ACI, the sea legends, just turned 40, making waves and setting sail for another epic voyage. 

Croatia’s nautical playground is a paradise for foreigners, and here’s why it’s the hottest spot on the nautical map: 

Rovinj Celebrates ACI's 40th Anniversary Decades of Strengthening Croatia's Global Standing in Nautical Tourism 2
  1. Island Hopping Magic: Croatia is like a nautical wonderland with over a thousand islands. Imagine cruising from one charming island to another, each with its own unique vibe. It’s like a floating adventure! 
  1. Historic Harbors: Ever parked your boat next to a castle? Well, in Croatia, you can! The historic harbors are like time machines, blending ancient charm with salty sea breezes. 
  1. The ACI Touch: Now, ACI isn’t just any marina – it’s the big boss with 40 years of sailing swagger. With 22 marinas (and more on the way), ACI knows how to spoil sailors with top-notch spots and those coveted five-anchor ratings. 
Rovinj Celebrates ACI's 40th Anniversary Decades of Strengthening Croatia's Global Standing in Nautical Tourism 2
  1. Seafood Soiree: Seafood lovers, rejoice! Croatia’s nautical havens are seafood utopias. Picture yourself enjoying a seafood feast with the sunset as your backdrop. Pure bliss! 
  1. Party on the Waves: The fun doesn’t stop when the sun sets. Croatia’s coastal towns know how to throw a seaside party. Dance on the deck or sip a cocktail with the sound of the waves as your DJ. 

So, there you have it – Croatia’s nautical charm is like a love letter to the sea. With ACI leading the way into its forties, it’s a celebration of endless horizons, salty air, and the magic of nautical dreams. 

Ready to Set Sail? Dive into Croatia’s Nautical Bliss with ACI – Your Passport to Seaside Adventures! 🌊⚓️ #ACI40YearsStrong 

Your CTC Team

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