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Sailing boat: What to rent while staying in Croatia?

What sailing boat to rent for your sailing experience depends of course on a budget. But the passion for the experience you want to create will determine what boat to look for. If you are wondering how to spend your holiday and sailing is an option read below what can you expect.

Sailing boat

Which boat to rent?

The most popular type of boat for rent is the sailboat. They are most often hired for a family vacation, an adventure with friends or colleagues, and even for racing. Also unlike other boats, they offer a more romantic experience. The windsurfing itself is a really special experience. The downside is the space below the deck. While the experience of nature is stronger on the deck of a sailboat, the space below is quite small and cramped. 

On the other hand, a catamaran offers much more space but also stability. Which can be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on what you are looking for. Catamarans have become more sought after and popular lately. Catamarans can sail at high speeds and are great for families and larger groups.

Of course for those who want the highest degree of comfort and luxury as well as the fastest options a yacht is an ideal choice.


Where to rent a sailing boat?

When you decide where you want to sail you will be ready for finding renting boat company. If you are considering where to sail, you can check our blog Sailing in Croatia. And what type of boat do you want to use. We can advise you and find the right sailboat, catamaran, or yacht for your needs and an unforgettable sailing vacation.

We suggest hiring a professional skipper

Whether you decide to go sailing, catamaran or yacht, we advise you to hire a professional skipper. Of course, if you are not already an experienced sailor with a passed exam for many years. The skippers are here to operate a boat. They are especially adept at sea where they struggle with sea and wind for you. So you can use that time to enjoy the company of your loved ones and your vacation, and relax completely.

Skippers also have a lot of knowledge about where are the most beautiful bays, anchorages, and hidden places. especially those which a lot of people do not know. And of course, the skipper will know how to get there and don’t forget the best restaurants for dinner as well! 

Your CTC Team, K. G.

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