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Panoramic flights over Croatia

Panoramic flight over Croatia 1

Panoramic flights over Croatia are a great way to experience all parts of Croatia this summer. Go by yourself or with your friends! Panoramic flights are an amazing way to experience the beauty of Liepaja Naša from a whole new perspective. Imagine soaring high above the city and the stunning coastline, taking in breathtaking views […]

Remains of Iron Age Settlement Found Near Split

Iron Age Settlement 1

In Stobreč, near Split, archaeologists have made a significant discovery: the remains of the Iron Age settlement. They date back 2500 to 3000 years. Led by Marina Ugarković from the Institute of Archaeology, the excavation revealed prehistoric stone structures linked to an ancient settlement that predates the known historical site of Epetion. The site also […]

Why is Dubrovnik the Ultimate Destination for Friends?

Ultimate Destination for Friends 5

Planning a trip with your friends and wondering where to go? Well, Dubrovnik is the ultimate destination for friends! This stunning coastal city in Croatia is perfect for group adventures. With its rich history, vibrant nightlife, and breathtaking views, Dubrovnik offers something for everyone, making it an ideal spot for creating unforgettable memories with your […]

Cheaper Vacation With Mobile Homes

Mobile Homes 1

If you love traveling and want to save money, now is the perfect time to plan your vacation. Mobile homes can be a perfect solution! The “Early booking” period is happening now, and the weather has us dreaming of long, warm summer days and evenings. While we can’t make time go faster, we can help […]

The Walls of Ilok: They Are Opened!

Walls of Ilok 6

The walls of Ilok are a special part of its history, protected to keep their cultural importance. They’re the main focus of the Core project. The defensive belt we see today, with towers, half-towers, and connecting walls, is just a piece of the whole story. It all began in the 13th century and kept growing […]

The Latest Novelties in Camping Across Croatia

Novelties in Camping 5

Novelties in camping have reached exciting new heights across Croatia, offering unparalleled experiences for outdoor enthusiasts. From the stunning island of Pag, where Terra Park Phalaris showcases cutting-edge camping innovations, to the coastal havens of Poreč boasting Bijela Uvala and Zelena Laguna camps, and the serene Aminess Atea Resort on the island of Krk, novelties […]

Asian Street Food Festival in Zagreb

Asian Street Food Festival in Zagreb 1

Come and experience the flavors of Asia at the second Asian Street Food Festival from May 6 to 12, 2024 on Josip Juraj Strossmayer Square. The place will be buzzing with the aroma of traditional Asian cuisine. You won’t want to miss out on the mouthwatering dishes from China, Japan, Thailand, India, Korea, and Malaysia. […]

Welcome Spring Festival 2024. Comes To Zagreb

Welcome Spring Festival 2024.

Welcome Spring Festival 2024 will be held in Zagreb Park from April 29 to May 5, 2024. and it promises a fun program. Starting Monday, April 29th, this festival begins the city’s festive season. It’s a lively celebration of art, dance, and sustainability, perfect for locals and tourists alike.  Get ready for a week-long extravaganza […]

IT places for the finest breakfast in Zagreb!

IT places for the finest breakfast in Zagreb

Finest breakfast in Zagreb: Welcome to a city where breakfast isn’t just a meal—a delicious journey waiting to be savored. In this vibrant city, you’ll find an array of charming cafes and eateries ready to tantalize your taste buds and fuel your exploration. Let’s start our breakfast expedition with a taste of tradition. Picture yourself […]

Gospić: Where Legends Meet History in Croatia’s Heartland


Gospić is sitting on the western edge of a big karst area called the Lika field. It’s near Croatia’s biggest mountain, Velebit. It is a place where roads from north to south meet. Three rivers, Lika, Novčica, and Bogdanica, flow nearby. Gospić is important for business, government, religion, and culture in the Lika Senj County. […]

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