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8. Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival

8. Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival 6

Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival is the most important annual gastronomic and tourist event of the Tourist Board of the city of Zadar. Get ready for a week filled with delicious delights at the Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival, running from April 5 to 10. Returning for its eighth edition, this multi-day extravaganza of seafood […]

Opatija Advent: A Coastal Croatian Wonderland of Holiday Magic

Opatija Advent

Get ready for a magical Christmas weekend in Opatija! Advent Opatija this year is really something special you should see.  The air is filled with festive tunes, the aroma of holiday treats, and smiles lighting up the faces of the little ones through exciting animation programs. Opatija, adorned as the most beautiful Advent by the […]

Licitar: What is It? Why is It Important for Croatians?

Licitar What is It Why is It Important for Croatians1

Licitar is a colorful honey cake from Croatia. It has a secret recipe passed down through family trades. Come with us and find out more! It’s edible, but it’s more about looking beautiful. Usually, it’s bright red and comes in different shapes and sizes. People hang small licitari on their Christmas trees, like gingerbread hearts […]

Vrbnik Town on Krk: Where Stunning Beaches Meet Island History

Vrbnik 3

Vrbnik, with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality, encapsulates the quintessential Croatian experience.  Nestled on the picturesque island of Krk, Vrbnik beckons you to embark on a journey through time and tranquility. This enchanting town, located on the eastern side of Krk, just 28 km from the Krk bridge. It offers a quintessential […]

Discovering Croatia’s Regions through the Seasons

Croatia's Regions through the Seasons 1

Croatia’s regions through the seasons is a captivating journey that unveils landscapes, historic cities, and enchanting coastlines. Croatia offers young couples the perfect backdrop for a fun and romantic vacation. Each region of this beautiful country boasts its unique charm and allure, and the best time to visit often depends on your preferences and interests.  […]

Navigating Croatian Hospitality and Customs on Your Vacation

Navigating Croatian hospitality and customs 1

Navigating Croatian hospitality and customs is an essential in preparing for your journey to this captivating Mediterranean destination. Planning a vacation to Croatia opens up a world of enchanting experiences, from the dazzling coastline to the rich historical sites. To make the most of your journey and to show sincere respect for the local culture, […]

Lopar: Rab Island’s Sand-Filled Oasis for Beach Enthusiasts

Lopar Source Goran Šafarek

Let’s dive into the enthralling story of Lopar, the hidden gem snugly cradled within the enchanting embrace of Rab Island. Brace yourselves for a tale that’s older than grandma’s secret cookie recipe! We’re talking about the kind of history that doesn’t just knock on your door – it practically builds the door!  Picture this: prehistoric […]

Ston: A Journey Through Time Along the Majestic City Walls

City of Ston

Explore the captivating allure of Ston, where ancient city walls stand as a testament to history’s embrace. Uncover the secrets of these monumental fortifications as you walk the path of centuries, discovering a town that has stood the test of time. The city walls of Ston, often referred to as the “European Wall of China,” […]

The Complete Compilation of Ultra Europe Festival Performers 2023

The complete compilation of Ultra Europe Festival performers for 2023 1

The complete compilation of Ultra Europe Festival performers for 2023 includes a lineup of renowned artists from around the world. The upcoming international music extravaganza is gearing up to surpass attendance records once again. Enthusiasts of electronic music flock to Split from over 140 countries worldwide, and the festival is nearly sold out. It will […]

Tasty Tires Rolling Delights at Zagreb’s Food Truck Festival 2023

Food Truck Festival

Get ready to indulge in Zagreb’s most beloved gastronomic event of spring as the Food Truck Festival gears up for another exciting season. This culinary extravaganza will once again take place at the iconic Jarun, a gathering spot that holds a special place in the hearts of Zagreb’s residents. FIND ZAGREB ON THE MAP The […]

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