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IT places for the finest breakfast in Zagreb!

IT places for the finest breakfast in Zagreb

Finest breakfast in Zagreb: Welcome to a city where breakfast isn’t just a meal—a delicious journey waiting to be savored. In this vibrant city, you’ll find an array of charming cafes and eateries ready to tantalize your taste buds and fuel your exploration. Let’s start our breakfast expedition with a taste of tradition. Picture yourself […]

Top Sailing Routes in Croatia to Explore This Summer

Top Sailing Routes in Croatia to Explore This Summer 1

There are many top sailing routes in Croatia. Croatia is famous for being one of Europe’s best places for sailing. It has excellent yachting facilities, so you’ll never struggle to find a spot to anchor your boat. Even if you’re new to sailing or have kids with you, you can easily sail short distances between […]

Mountaineering and Cycling Adventures Around Split

Mountaineering and Cycling

Mountaineering and cycling enthusiasts, prepare to embark on an exhilarating adventure around Split! We are thrilled to guide you through a journey filled with breathtaking landscapes, adrenaline-pumping trails, and unforgettable experiences. Whether you prefer the challenge of scaling towering peaks or the freedom of pedaling through scenic countryside, we’ve got you covered. We will lead […]

Cowboy Ranch: Favorite Picnic Spot of Zagreb Residents

Cowboy Ranch

Cowboy Ranch is a captivating family retreat nestled amidst the wooded slopes of Vukomeričke gorice – only 10 minutes from Zagreb. It’s like stepping into the Wild West of our childhood dreams. Owned by the Delić family, this ranch brings fantasies to life, with magnificent horses adding to the enchantment. Surrounded by untouched nature, the […]

Exploring the Origins of the Gacka River at Mjerovo Vrilo

Majerovo vrilo

In the beautiful region of Lika, there’s a special spot where nature and human history come together perfectly – Majerovo Vrilo. Here, at the source of the Gacka River, memories of ancient trades still linger. Visitors can witness the traditional milling process at Majer’s Spring and even purchase freshly made bread straight from the mill.  […]

Exploring the Beauty of Croatia’s Pristine Mrežnica River

Mrežnica 2

Mrežnica is a unique river with canyons, rocky barriers, and parts that look like lakes, which are common features of rivers in karst regions. Despite this, many people consider Mrežnica to be one of our most stunning rivers. The reason for this might be the around hundred waterfalls made of travertine that decorate the river […]

8. Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival

8. Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival 6

Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival is the most important annual gastronomic and tourist event of the Tourist Board of the city of Zadar. Get ready for a week filled with delicious delights at the Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival, running from April 5 to 10. Returning for its eighth edition, this multi-day extravaganza of seafood […]

Delnice: A Tourist’s Guide to Tranquility and Adventure

Delnice 1

Delnice stands as the highest town in Croatia, perched at 698 meters. It’s surrounded by the hills of Drgomlje, Petehovac, and Japlenški vrh. The place has a mix of climates and plants, making it a great spot for tourists in both winter and summer. Delnice has more than just Risnjak National Park. There are hidden […]

Top-rated Adrenaline Parks in Croatia

Top-rated Adrenaline Parks in Croatia 4

Adrenaline parks are a unique kind of fun. They’re great for families, people who love being outdoors, and those seeking excitement. You get to have an active and enjoyable time in nature. With the rising interest in adrenaline sports and similar activities, adrenaline tourism has become more widespread across Croatia in the past few years. […]

Green Destinations Certification For Lika Destination Cluster

Green Destinations Certification For Lika 4

Green Destinations Certification for Lika means that this part of Croatia has been recognized as an exceptional and sustainable destination! The Certificate was awarded at the big tourism fair ITB in Berlin. This makes Lika Destination the biggest place in Croatia with this special certificate, covering three counties. The Green Destinations model is a super […]

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