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Baby Lasagna Represents Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest!

Baby Lasagna goes to Eurvision son contest

Sooo… you’ve heard about this year’s Croatian contestant that will represent us at the Eurovision Song Contest. But, who is Baby Lasagna? Marko Purišić, a 28-year-old singer known as Baby Lasagna, won the Dora 2024 competition with his song ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’. This victory means he will represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest […]

New Nature Park in Croatia

New Nature Park in Croatia 5

A new nature park is coming to Croatia, covering a big area of more than 31,000 hectares. That is something you need to see! In January, they agreed on this plan with Krapina-Zagorje and Varaždin counties and talked to representatives from 14 cities and municipalities.  The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development shared on Tuesday […]

Nature Park Papuk: Green and Active Holiday Idea

Nature Park Papuk

Step into the enchanting realm of Nature Park Papuk, where every pathway leads to a green and active adventure. This haven of natural beauty beckons you to embrace the great outdoors, offering a myriad of activities that cater to every nature enthusiast. Whether you prefer leisurely walks, exhilarating cycling trails, challenging hikes, adrenaline-pumping adventures in […]

Unlocking the Secrets of the Mediterranean Way for a Longer Life

Mediterranean Way

The Mediterranean Way of eating and living is embraced by people in countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Some of them are Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, and Monaco. Research from Harvard shows that this lifestyle is good for health and can reduce the chances of dying early by 29 percent. The Mediterranean way of life is […]

Valentine’s Day in Croatia: A Guide to the Enchanting Destinations

Valentine's Day in Croatia

Every February 14, people all over the world celebrate their love on Valentine’s Day. And what about Valentine’s Day in Croatia? Couples plan special things like going to restaurants, buying flowers, and even taking trips. Lots of folks think about the best places to go for a romantic Valentine’s getaway. If you’re wondering what makes […]

A Journey Through Zagreb’s 5 Art Museums: Must-Visit!

Zagreb's 5 Art Museums

Embark on a journey through the artistic soul of Zagreb with our guide for Zagreb’s 5 Art Museums you have to experience! Uncover the city’s creative heartbeat as we explore five must-see art museums, each offering a unique brushstroke in Zagreb’s cultural canvas. From modern marvels to classical gems, come along and discover the artistic […]

A Closer Look at the Istrian Stonehenge

Istrian Stonehenge

Take a closer look at the architectural prowess and historical significance of the magnificent Istrian Stonehenge.  In ancient times, during the Bronze Age in Istria, people mostly lived on hillforts. These were elevated places where communities, big or small, made their homes. In Istria, there were about 400 of these town settlements, and around fifty […]

Croatia’s Top Zipline Escapades for Thrill Seekers

Croatia's Top Zipline

Croatia’s Top Zipline: Elevate your summer adventure by soaring over stunning landscapes and embrace the thrill of adrenaline. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of excitement to your holiday and create lasting memories in the heart of nature. Adventure tourism has become more exciting than ever. If you want to add some spice […]

Investing in Well-being: Co-financing 13 Spa and Wellness Tourism Projects

Investing in Well-being

Investing in well-being, Croatia’s commitment is clear, as they co-finance 13 innovative projects in spa and wellness tourism. Minister of Tourism, Nikolina Brnjac, shared that seven out of these lucky projects could receive extra funds from the state budget, in addition to the support from the NPOO. What’s even cooler? The government just gave the […]

The Resilience and Beauty of Glagolitic Letters in Croatian History


Glagolitic is the oldest way that Slavic people wrote things down. There are two main scripts for Slavic languages: Glagolitic and Cyrillic. Many experts think that it came first before Cyrillic.  Unlike Cyrillic, which slowly changed from the Greek alphabet, Glagolitic was made by one person, Constantine the Philosopher. He was a Greek from Thessaloniki, […]

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