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Follow the Meteorological Conditions in NP Krka in Real Time!

Follow the Meteorological Conditions in NP Krka in Real Time!

Meteorological conditions in NP Krka have taken a futuristic leap with our cutting-edge weather stations providing real-time insights. ????????️ Unlock the full potential of your adventure at Krka National Park with our latest addition – real-time meteorological insights! Say goodbye to weather uncertainties and hello to a well-informed visit. Picture this: as you plan your […]

Exploring Nature’s Symphony: Enchanting Trails of Krka National Park

Trails of Krka National Park

Trails of Krka National Park lead to three enchanting paths in the heart of the northern park and we visited them all! These trails not only take you to the breathtaking waterfalls of the Krka River but also reveal a millennium of history. Each trail tells its own tale, inviting you to explore the park’s […]

Visovac: Croatia’s Serene Sanctuary on the Water

Visovac Source Goran Šafarek

Visovac emerges as a tranquil sanctuary on the water, inviting families with kids to embark on a remarkable adventure. Envision a place where time slows down, where the air is imbued with tranquility, and where history dances with nature. Welcome to Visovac, an idyllic haven that promises an unforgettable escapade for families seeking a blend […]

Knin: Where History Meets Nature – A Journey through Remarkable Landscapes

Knin Source Branko Lautar 1

Knin is a destination where the allure of breathtaking landscapes intertwines seamlessly with ajourney through Croatian history. If you are a young adventurer seeking to immerse yourself in natural wonders while delving into the rich tapestry of the country’s past, then Knin and its surroundings are tailor-made for you. Nestled in the heart of Croatia, […]

Family vacation in Croatia: Why is our country a perfect destination?

Family vacation in Croatia

Looking for the perfect summer vacation idea for your family? Look no further than a family vacation in Croatia! Keep reading to find out exactly why Croatia is the ideal destination for your next summer adventure. With its stunning coastlines, crystal clear waters, and rich cultural heritage, Croatia is the perfect destination for families looking […]

Free tickets to Krka: Visit this National Park on May 1st!

Free tickets to Krka

Visitors to National Park Krka can enjoy free tickets to the beautiful Croatian park next monday, on May 1st!  (Also, until the end of April you can buy a ticket for adults at a 25 percent reduced price – 7,5 eur.) This offer presents a unique opportunity for tourists to explore one of the country’s […]

Camping on Vransko Lake as an idea for your next vacation

Camping on Vransko Lake

Camping on Vransko Lake was one of our summer plans this year because we wanted to experience a slightly different summer vacation. It turned out to be one of the best ideas we’ve had in years because our wallets thanked us for it too – renting a camping spot is much cheaper than renting a […]

INHERITURA certificate: Areas in Croatia that received it

Mljet National Park received INHERITURA certificate

INHERITURA certificate was awarded this year to Mljet National Park as the fifth destination in Croatia that met all the necessary conditions. Certificates are awarded to Mediterranean areas for sustainability and environmental protection and for the preservation and valorization of natural heritage in coastal and marine areas, while respecting the local environment and nature. Each […]

Jankovac – forest park that hides a perfect balance of Five Elements

Jankovac Watefall

There’s a Nature Park. And then, there’s a protected area within that park with accommodation and trekking tracks in the middle of it. A hidden paradise built by God himself and polished by count Josip Janković who wasn’t the count at all but merely a rich landlord and a visionary on the mission to build the most beautiful place on the planet.

Eco Holidays in Croatia – TOP 3 ecotourism holidays destinations

Rural Tourism in Croatia

Don’t know what to expect from eco holidays in Croatia? Do you want to see how they make the bread in a traditional way, using fire?

Or how they use the power of water to mill the wheat and corn into the flour to make that bread? Bread, they serve along the tray full of different smoked delicacies and fresh cow cheese for breakfast.

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