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Exploring the Origins of the Gacka River at Mjerovo Vrilo

Majerovo vrilo

In the beautiful region of Lika, there’s a special spot where nature and human history come together perfectly – Majerovo Vrilo. Here, at the source of the Gacka River, memories of ancient trades still linger. Visitors can witness the traditional milling process at Majer’s Spring and even purchase freshly made bread straight from the mill.  […]

Brinje – Ruins of the Old Town of Sokolac


Brinje, a town first mentioned in the early 14th century, holds a historical gem atop its hill: Sokolac fortress. It was built by the Frankopani princes of Krk in the 15th century. Originally belonging to the Frankopans, Sokolac later became part of the Military Border system. It served as a defensive stronghold against Turkish invasions. […]

Top Sledding Destinations in Croatia

Top Sledding Destinations in Croatia

If you love sledding, you’re in for a treat! Croatia’s snowy mountains offer amazing sledding destinations in Croatia. We’ve been to these places, and let us tell you, they are fantastic for sledding. In our country, snow is plentiful in the mountainous areas, making it the perfect playground for sledding enthusiasts like yourself. While skiers […]

Discovering Serenity of Gorski Kotar, Lika and Istria

Serenity of Gorski Kotar

Serenity of Gorski Kotar, Lika, and Istria beckons travelers with pristine landscapes, tranquil forests, and a timeless charm. Our journey took us through some of the most enchanting spots in Istria, Gorski Kotar and Lika. It offered not just a vacation but an immersive experience that nourishes both the body and the soul.  Lika and […]

Castle Adventures: Croatia’s Medieval Fortresses

Croatia's medieval fortresses 4

Croatia’s medieval fortresses stand as enduring sentinels of the nation’s rich history and architectural heritage.  Croatia’s rich history is embodied in its many medieval fortresses, which tell tales of knights, nobility, and centuries of turbulent history. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of northern Croatia, these well-preserved castles and fortresses offer a fascinating journey through time, […]

Discovering Croatia’s Regions through the Seasons

Croatia's Regions through the Seasons 1

Croatia’s regions through the seasons is a captivating journey that unveils landscapes, historic cities, and enchanting coastlines. Croatia offers young couples the perfect backdrop for a fun and romantic vacation. Each region of this beautiful country boasts its unique charm and allure, and the best time to visit often depends on your preferences and interests.  […]

Croatia’s Lynx Cubs: The Next Generation of Wildcats

Croatia's lynx cubs

Croatia’s lynx cubs emerge as a symbol, embodying the essence of hope and renewal that resonates throughout the pristine natural landscapes. In the depths of its pristine forests, a remarkable story unfolds as these tiny, yet resilient felines take their first steps in a world teeming with challenges and opportunities. As we delve into the […]

Navigating Croatian Hospitality and Customs on Your Vacation

Navigating Croatian hospitality and customs 1

Navigating Croatian hospitality and customs is an essential in preparing for your journey to this captivating Mediterranean destination. Planning a vacation to Croatia opens up a world of enchanting experiences, from the dazzling coastline to the rich historical sites. To make the most of your journey and to show sincere respect for the local culture, […]

Čabar: City of Croatian Warriors and Nobles

City of Croatian Warriors and Nobles

Čabar, the city of Croatian warriors and nobles, is a captivating destination brimming with natural beauty and rich history.  That history traces its roots back to the Roman era. Nestled in the picturesque region of Croatia, Čabar has emerged as a hidden gem, enticing adventurers and history enthusiasts alike to uncover its secrets. At the […]

Horse Riding, Hiking, Rafting…Active Vacation in Begovo Razdolje!

Begovo Razdolje 1

Are you a nature enthusiast seeking an unforgettable adventure? Look no further than Croatia’s divine Begovo Razdolje! Nestled amidst stunning landscapes and brimming with thrilling activities, this picturesque destination offers an exhilarating escape for those seeking an active vacation. Prepare to immerse yourself in nature’s wonders and experience heart-pounding adventures that will leave you craving […]

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