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Trakošćan Castle: A Timeless Tale of Romance and Royalty

Trakošćan Castle

Explore the captivating history of Trakošćan Castle, where love and nobility converge in a story that spans centuries. Nestled amidst the lush, rolling hills of Croatia, Trakošćan Castle stands as a timeless testament to love, nobility, and the enduring charm of history. Like a chapter torn from a fairy tale, this enchanting castle beckons travelers […]

The Museum of Krapina Neanderthals: Meet the Krapina prehistoric man

The Museum of Krapina Neanderthals

The Museum of Krapina Neanderthals is located near the archeological site Hušnjakovo, which we wrote about in our last article. The building in which the museum is located is designed to resemble the habitat of Krapina’s prehistoric man – a semi-cave. The proportions and facade of the building were designed after careful study and analysis […]

Hušnjakovo: A walk in the footsteps of the Krapina prehistoric man


Hušnjakovo is the most important fossil man site in Croatia located in a semi-cave on a hill near Krapina. This extremely important site was discovered at the beginning of the twentieth century by Dragutin Gorjanović-Kramberger, about whom every Croatian student learns in school. On Hušnjakovo, Kramberger discovered the remains of dozens of Pleistocene people of […]

Samobor – A Fairytale Town at the Close Reach of the Big City

Samobor Main Square

People of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, like to spend their weekends outside the big city.

And Samobor, a small town on the outskirts of Zagreb, is their favorite getaway of choice.
Zagreb is over-a-million citizens city. Like in any other big city in the world, there is a rush in its streets that rarely fades out during the working week.

Castles of northern Croatia. The story about the mystical history

The Trakošćan castle

Once upon a time, in a mountaintop kingdom whose towers stood gracefully among the clouds, there was a magnificent castle standing proudly on the ground…
Yeah, the fairytale intro ends here, but the story about the magical and mystical history and castles in Croatia is just starting.

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