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A Journey Through Zagreb’s 5 Art Museums: Must-Visit!

Zagreb's 5 Art Museums

Embark on a journey through the artistic soul of Zagreb with our guide for Zagreb’s 5 Art Museums you have to experience! Uncover the city’s creative heartbeat as we explore five must-see art museums, each offering a unique brushstroke in Zagreb’s cultural canvas. From modern marvels to classical gems, come along and discover the artistic […]

Black Queen – Do You Know Who She Was?

Black Queen

Black Queen is a nickname for beautiful Barbara of Celje who was born in 1392 into a powerful family, the Counts of Celje. Her family owned Varaždin, a significant part of Croatian Zagorje, and Međimurje. Her parents were Croatian ban Herman II. of Celje and Countess Anna von Schaunberg. As a child, she was promised […]

Culinary Extravaganza: 7 Best Restaurants in Croatia

7 Best Restaurants in Croatia

Today, we are decided to offer you a closer look at 7 best restuarants in Croatia that you should visit – if there is a chance! In the celestial realm of gastronomy, Michelin stars are celestial beacons guiding discerning travelers to culinary wonders. Three stars beckon an epic journey, two signify a worthwhile encounter along […]

Mimara Museum: A Treasure Trove of Art and History in Zagreb

Mimara Art Museum Building Facade

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to when we visited the amazing Mimara Museum in Zagreb, before the earthquake in 2020. This museum is like a time machine. It brings you back to a time when it first opened its doors to showcase a bunch of cool art and history stuff.  Back in those […]

Mirogoj Cemetery: Where Art Meets Death

Mirogoj Cemetery 3

Mirogoj is not only a cemetery but also an “open-air museum” that readily welcomes its visitors, enchanting them with its peace and beauty. Nestled on the slopes of Medvednica, Mirogoj stands as the central cemetery in Zagreb. It is celebrated as one of Europe’s most picturesque burial grounds.  FIND MIROGOJ ON THE MAP Beyond its […]

The Mysterious Beauty of the Samobor Mountains

The Mysterious Beauty of the Samobor Mountains 3

Nestled in the western heart of central Croatia, the Samobor mountains unfold like a captivating tapestry of nature’s wonders. It found its place between the flowing rivers Kupa and Sava. This isn’t your average mountain scene—it’s a world of wonder, with deep valleys carved by winding rivers and streams.  FIND ZAGREB ON THE MAP Now, […]

Licitar: What is It? Why is It Important for Croatians?

Licitar What is It Why is It Important for Croatians1

Licitar is a colorful honey cake from Croatia. It has a secret recipe passed down through family trades. Come with us and find out more! It’s edible, but it’s more about looking beautiful. Usually, it’s bright red and comes in different shapes and sizes. People hang small licitari on their Christmas trees, like gingerbread hearts […]

BeThrifty Flea Market Comes to Zagreb This Weekend!

BeThrifty Flea Market 2

Get ready to embrace budget-friendly treasures and vintage charm as BeThrifty Flea Market comes to Zagreb this weekend! ????️???? ????BeThrifty Flea Market is the place to be this weekend for tourists in Zagreb! Immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant life while shopping sustainably. With every purchase, you help reduce clothing waste. It is a fantastic […]

Productive Business Travel with World-Class Conference Hotels in Croatia

Conference Hotels in Croatia 1

Conference hotels in Croatia are integral part of our commitment to elevating business experience for visitors. Envision a business travel destination where the azure Adriatic Sea serves as your backdrop. Imagine a place where history comes to life around every corner. A place where your professional endeavors are seamlessly supported by top-notch conference hotels. Croatia, […]

Croatia is the Ultimate Destination for Your Bachelorette Party

Croatia is the Ultimate Destination for Your Bachelorette Party 1

Ladies, are you in search of the perfect destination for your bachelorette party? Look no further than the stunning shores of Croatia. This Adriatic gem offers the ideal blend of sun-soaked beaches, vibrant nightlife, and adventure, making it the ultimate backdrop for celebrating your bride-to-be friend. ????????????????  Croatia’s coastal clubs, historic charm in Zagreb, island-hopping […]

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