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If you are looking for fun and active holiday that will enrich your life Croatia is the place for you. Our country can offer you plenty of amazing places and programs that include active holiday you aspire to visit and enjoy. Maybe you are not sure Croatia is the right place for you? No problem! Our site can provide information on many interesting and alluring places that may convince you otherwise.

There’s a reason why some of the greatest sports names come from Croatia year after year. It may seem still and little too relaxed on the surface, but this country is built for the move.
Active Holiday: Rafting

Whether you are looking for rafting, cliffhanging, mountain climbing, speleology, hiking & biking, tracking, hunting, extreme & underwater fishing, paragliding, horseback riding in the Top European Luxury Travel Ranch according to prestigious DK Eyewitness Travel service, sailing & windsurfing – or anything else you can or cannot think of, here are all necessary information in one place.

Being active brings a lot of health benefits as well so by searching our offers you also care for your wellbeing. Croatia is known for her precious nature life that you can definitely see if you decide to go mountain climbing or hiking for example. Fun and healthy active holiday in one – Who could resist? On this site you can find best offers which will secure unforgettable vacation that you might even repeat in the years that come.

Active Holiday: Mountain Biking
Active Holiday: Hiking

Just swipe through blogs or use the search bar to find what you are looking for. Or, if you are not entirely sure where to start, check these few handpicked blogs.

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