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There are over 200 large and close to 500 smaller camps in Croatia with the bulk along the coast, right on the beachesHow do you choose just the right place for camping in Croatia?

Well, that’s where our team comes into play.

We are constantly surveying and reassessing an ever-growing number of camps. So we can provide you with the most relevant information.

For example, just because the previous season a particular camp had 1,000 camping spots and 3 stars. So it doesn’t mean that the same situation is expecting you this year.

Camping in Croatia
Camp owners are constantly investing in expansion and new offers. So they can provide their guests with ever-evolving service. This is very important because every good entrepreneur knows keeping up with trends is necessary tool for maintaining business. Croatian camps offer all sorts of content depending on kind of people they want to attract. So, it doesn’t really matter if you are someone who is looking for a place for family with kids or someone who wants to have a party vacation with friends – We have it all! You just have to contact us and we we’ll find the right kind of accomodation based on your wishes.
Here, you can find the editor’s picks, visitor’s pick, specialized services and everything related to camping and glamping.
We recommend that you begin with the most popular blogs listed below just to see what’s on the table. If you need additional assistance, just call us.
We’ll help you find and, ultimately, organize everything for you if you choose so.

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