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Did you know that the tie you are wearing on some formal dinner or event has its origins here, in Croatia?

Or that famous inventor, Nikola Tesla, is born in a small village in central Croatia. Just a few miles off the main highway?

Did you know: Neckties

Perhaps it will blow your mind when we tell you that Casanova, the famous playboy, almost lost his head in a small coastal village in Istria. Even before he became infamous for his habit to seduce young, innocent girls.


But maybe the biggest discovery comes from the fact that you probably originate from Croatia yourself! Didn’t know that, did ya? Well, 1 in 4 men in Western Europe definitely has a specific genetic marker that ties him to this great country. Don’t believe us? We have the indisputable proof.

You would be surprised how many more of these facts and revelations in Croatia’s rich history, culture. And you can find all them here, starting with the selected few our editorial staff prepared for you.

Knowing these things may be useful in many occasions. For example, maybe you will find yourself on some boring event where nobody really feels good and doesn’t know what to talk about – and you will be the one who can offer them some interesting fact they haven’t heard before. Maybe you even decide to apply to some knowledge quiz and these learned facts will earn you money! 


If you want to find out many other interesting facts that will enrich your knowledge – we suggest you to keep on reading and scrolling our site!

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