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Croatia is home to some of the most famous (and loudest) world’s festivals for young. So if you are planning a peaceful family holiday. Fail to do your homework and you can end up on the nosiest place on the planet with over a dozen DJs and thousands of young people dancing and screaming in trance 24/7. 

Family holiday

Perhaps it would be better to let us recommend the top destinations for your vacation, wouldn’t you agree?

Whether you are a type of family that enjoys winter or summer (maybe autumn or spring) vacations – Croatia offers you countless possibilities. In Gorski kotar and Lika you can find enchanting houses for rent that offer idyllic winter (some would say even movie-like) scenes with loads of falling snow. Your kids definitely won’t be dissapointed! Our coastline full of islands will astound you and make your summers even more interesting. And if you decide to come to Croatia in autumn or spring – you should definitely think about visiting Zagreb, Podravina and Slavonija (one of the main reasons besides nature – great cuisine.)
From isolated islands, ranches in the mountains, camps, and hotels, suitable beaches with everything a family with little kids need, to mainland’s oases for families – you have it all here.

In case you don’t want to waste time exploring all the wonderful destinations. Give us a call, tell us what would you be most interested in, and we’ll organize everything for you. Neat, isn’t it?

However, if you want to learn more about all the choices, we recommend that you start with these.

Explore the Wonders

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