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The only European capital where you won’t feel like a stranger or even a tourist. Zagreb won’t just herd you up with the rest of the visitors and channel you to a few famous spots like Paris or Vienna. Instead, it will call you in.

Zagreb skyline

That’s the thing with Zagreb. It’s the city that never actually outgrew its town’s origins and everything wonderful that comes with it. Far over a million residents and yet, you feel like you are in this warm, historical town where strangers still greet each other when passing by.

Zagreb entices visitors to connect with the city’s soul on a deep emotional level. The city wants you to become part of it.

If you ask Zagreb, it’s not just about seeing one of only a few remaining European gothic cathedrals or about cheering for your champion during the Snow Queen Trophy at the beginning of the January every year.

It’s not even about attending the best European Advent from December to January. Sure, you can walk through the stone gates built in the 13th century and actually touch the skillful work of some long-forgotten stonemason who did his job so well that his work endured through centuries for you to feel it, but still, it’s not about that.

It’s about connecting. About enjoying that warm bowl of bean stew with sausage while snow is gently falling on your shoulders. It’s about sharing your stories with the person next to you. The person you never saw before.
And yet, seemingly against all odds, there you are, two complete strangers, enjoying the meal, sipping the hot wine, and talking like you know each other from the earliest childhood. That’s Zagreb. The good soul of Europe. And we can help you experience that soul in the most profound and exciting way.
Because there’s a lot to see and experience in Zagreb year-round. But as we said, it’s not about “seeing” per se. To experience Zagreb and understand why so many Americans, Canadians, Latin Americans, and Western Europeans have recently moved to the city, you need your journey to be connected.
In other words, there’s this less-known “order” of things and for that, you need active assistance. Our assistance. The hand of help from those who feel the pulse of this European gem. We are here for you.

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