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We all heard about famous Plitvice National Park and its sixteen cascading lakes that froze during winter creating breathtaking scenery.

But have you ever heard about the Mljet Nature Park and its primordial wilderness?
Or Risnjak’s wildlife and endemic species?

Or perhaps the largest unexplored cave system in this part of the world, Cerovac Caves?

How about a fertile caldera of the ancient mega-volcano that exploded with the power of millions of nuclear bombs and continued blasting magma for thousands of years until it eventually leveled the area of the size of a smaller country?

But wait! Did you say… Yes, you want to sit in the Iron Throne, don’t you? And walk the path of the Dragon Mother on her way to Meereen?

What to see, hear, feel and otherwise experience and how to get there is right here.

Nature is the greatest artist and apparently, Croatia was its favorite canvas.

Start with these few selected guides visitors found most inspiring:

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