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Gastronomy and restaurants in Croatia is well known all over the world. This category is specifically made to answer the following. 

What to eat in Croatia? Where to eat?
Can you have your meal served to you while you’re soaking your feet in the sea? 
Which are the
restaurants in Croatia with Michelin stars and how to get to them? 
Where they best prepare fish and other seafood? 

Gastronomy and Restaurants
If there’s something that’s leaving a permanent impression on everyone who visited this wonderful country at least once, that’s food. We have people coming from all around the world once or twice a year just to enjoy the cuisine. It became a branch in tourism.
Here, we are bringing you answers to every question you might have about food and wine in Croatia. Yes, Croatia is also well known for its selection of fine wines for every occasion and rich history in winemaking. After all, every great meal simply demands a glass or two of some contemplating wine, wouldn’t you agree?
To learn more about the best places to eat in Croatia, especially those less known to the wider population, start with these few selected blogs and work your way from there.
Ultimately, if you would perhaps feel better with some direct assistance, call us. We can even reserve the spot for you for a particular day or event.

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