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WRC Croatia Rally starts today!

WRC Croatia Rally is globally known motorsport event that is part of the World Rally Championship (WRC) calendar. Rallies are part of Croatia’s rich history and INA Delta rally has been held annually since 1974. Relly witnessed numerous uncertain battles and demanding speed tests, where domestic representatives, such as Tihomir Filipović, Niko Pulić and Juraj Šebalj, achieved impressive victories.

WRC Croatia Rally
1...2...3...WRC Croatia Rally!

Many excellent European drivers have also come here and won, and other Croatian rallies have a good reputation, from Poreč to Zabok, so it is not undeserved that Croatia has been given the opportunity to enjoy the highest level of rally racing – WRC Croatia Rally!

Croatia also offers a stunning and varied landscape that provides a unique and exciting challenge for rally drivers and teams. With its mix of narrow, twisty roads, fast gravel tracks, and technical tarmac stages, the Croatia Rally is considered by many to be one of the most demanding and exciting events on the WRC calendar.

Last year (2022), WRC Rally Croatia once again highlighted its potential as one of the most promising sports events in Croatia and the region, whose contribution to the development of auto-moto sports, tourist offer and promotion of Croatia can grow further in the future. The World Rally Championship returns to Croatia for the third time this year, where from April 20 to 23, elite rally drivers will fight for points and the best possible placement in the overall standings.

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WRC Croatia Relly has an improtant role in Croatian motosport

In terms of its history and tradition, the Croatia Rally has a long and rich motorsport heritage, with many famous drivers and teams having competed in the event over the years. The rally has undergone several changes in format and location since its inception, but has remained a popular and well-respected event among WRC fans and competitors.

The rally has also played an important role in the development of Croatian motorsport, helping to raise the profile of the sport and attract new fans and participants. Overall, the Croatia Rally is a significant and much-loved event in the world of WRC, and is sure to continue to draw crowds and excitement for many years to come.

Last year, the WRC Croatia Rally brought over 105 million euros to Croatian tourism, with more than 310,000 spectators watching speed tests on Croatian roads. These are the results of the expert study “Socio-economic impacts of WRC Rally Croatia 2022 on the area of ​​Central Croatia” prepared by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Zagreb.

Every year the event attracts more and more spectators.
Every year the event attracts more and more spectators.

What does this mean for tourists that are in Zagreb today?

Everyone who happens to be in Zagreb these days should know that from today (April 20) and the next few days, from noon to midnight, special traffic regulation rules will apply in the Zagreb area, and during the race in the coming days in the area of ​​Samobor and Jastrebarsko.

Due to the start of the rally race in front of the building of the National and University Library, traffic will be closed today from 12 noon to midnight on the western roadway of Ulica Hrvatske bratska jajednje, from the intersection with Ulica Grada Vukovara to the intersection with Slavonska Avenue, where temporary traffic regulation will be in effect.

Do not worry, it will be possible to move around the city without major problems, but you will have to use alternative routes. Alternative routes on which there will be no traffic restrictions are: Grada Vukovara Street – Savska, Grada Vukovara Street – Držićeva Avenue, Dubrovnik Avenue – Bridge of Youth – Držićeva Avenue, Dubrovnik Avenue – Jadranski Most – Selska cesta – Ilica, Slavonska Avenue – Zagrebačka Avenue – Ljubljanska avenue, and Dubrovnik avenue from the Remetinec rotor to the Zapruđe rotor.

The WRC Croatian Rally is a relatively new addition to the World Rally Championship calendar, having made its debut in 2021. Despite this, it has quickly established itself as a challenging and exciting event for both drivers and fans. Rally has shown great promise in its short history, and it will undoubtedly continue to be a highlight of the WRC season in the years to come.

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