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Cake shops in Zagreb that will make you want to stay in Croatia

Cake shops in Zagreb you will meet in this blog are our personal favorites, and there are many sweet (but also salty) reasons for that! La Štruk, Krokant and Cukeraj may not be the most famous places in Zagreb, especially the last two – but trust us, it is worth visiting them. All three patisserie are located in different parts of the city. Although these places mostly serve sweet dishes and cakes, the offer usually includes some salty desserts for all those who are not so crazy about sweets and would rather eat something different. All in all – these are places you can go with anyone and anytime!

Cake shops in Zagreb

La Štruk, Krokant and Cukeraj

La Štruk: Out of three cake shops in Zagreb we like, this one is the most like a restaurant

Out of three cake shops in Zagreb we really enjoy, this is the one that is actually listed as restaurant, but since it offers mostly sweet food we decided to include it on this list. This charming restaurant located in the heart of Zagreb in Skalinska Street, which can be reached by walking through one of the most famous streets in Zagreb, Tkalča (Ivana Tkalčića Street) offers its guests only local dishes – štrukli. (Each štrukl is made with dough and filled with cheese, and other fillings and toppings are added to personal taste.) Maybe that doesn’t sound so spectacular and you wonder how one restaurant can do business if it serves only one dish? Since we were bothered by the same question, we decided to try their štrukli.

3 Zagreb passteries La Štruk
La Štruk, interior space

The ideal opportunity to go to La Štruk came when one of our friends, who normally lives in Dubrovnik, came to Zagreb. Since we haven’t seen each other for several months, we wanted her visit to be marked by some new experience, and as we are all known as lovers of good food – the decision was made and we agreed to taste štrukli in La Štruk restaurant for the first time. When we went inside the friendly waitresses greeted us and directed us to the back of the restaurant where were tables for more people (there were 5 of us in total).

When we got the menus, the decision-making started. And it took time. Although the place only serves štrukli, we were able to order different types of the same dish; salty baked štrukli, sweet baked štrukli, cooked štrukli, štrukli with truffles, štrukli with honey and walnuts, štrukli with apple and cinnamon, štrukli with blueberry, štrukli with smoked pepper and štrukli with pumpkin seeds. Since we were in the restaurant for the first time, we agreed that we would all order a different type of štrukli. However, my friend and I were most attracted to štrukli with apples, so we ordered the same while the others chose classic salty baked štrukli, štrukli with blueberries and štrukli with honey and walnuts.

štrukli with blueberries
Štrukli with blueberries

When the hot dish came to our table we couldn’t wait to cool down at least a little to try what was in front of us because the smell was intoxicating. We all tried a bite of everything that was ordered so we could finally decide which flavor we liked the most. The verdict was rather vague because everyone had their favorite, but in the end we still agreed that nothing could be better than the classic salty štrukli with cheese.

Prices? Very acceptable. The cheapest baked štrukli cost 37 kn, and the most expensive are, of course, those with truffles, which cost 42 kn.

Cukeraj: Out of three cake shops in Zagreb we present to you today, this one is the most photogenic

Unlike La Štruk, this patisserie is located in two places in Zagreb: on Jarun and in Petrinjska Street. Since it is easiest for us personally to get to Cukeraj in Petrinjska Street, it is a place we always visit. We assume that for anyone who comes to Zagreb for the first time, this location would be the easiest to find, since Petrinjska Street is located very close to the main railway station. In fact, Cukeraj in Petrinjska is so close to the station that it can be reached on foot in just a few minutes.

Cake shops in Zagreb

But enough about the geographical location!

We believe that you are most interested in the food offer and the ambience. When you arrive in front of Cukeraj you will notice a few tables in front of the place that you can enjoy during the warmer months. Considering that the buildings across the place are very nicely decorated – the scene with the food and the pink facade in the background is a real Instagram shot! The only downside to sitting outside the Cukeraj area is that the tables are set very close to the busy road due to lack of space, so cars passing by could disturb you.

Cake shops in Zagreb
Sandwich in Cukeraj

If you decide to sit indoors, you will be delighted with the soft pink tones that prevail in every corner. We think the interior designer has done a very good job here since every time we go inside we think about how we want to eat something sweet. This is a place we like to go to whenever we have the opportunity, so we tried several different products on offer. Cukeraj offers various cakes, sandwiches, pie with ham and cheese, biscuits of different flavors and sizes, leaf sticks, strudels, rolls, but the most interesting and delicious part of their offer are certainly donuts.

Cukeraj offers mini donuts stuffed with vanilla and sprinkled with sugar, medium-sized donuts stuffed with vanilla or jam and sprinkled with sugar, and American donuts with toppings of different flavors and colors. Why do we think donuts are the best part of their offer? Well, out of 10 visits to Cukeraj – during 6 of them we must have ordered donuts! Apart from the perfect taste, what we must definitely mention is that they are extremely photogenic, so if you are someone who loves to take photos and post their food on social media – Cukeraj and their donuts are the right choice for you.

3 Zagreb passtries - Dount

Prices? Very acceptable. Small cookies can be bought for as much as 6 kn per piece, the prices of a piece of cake are around 18 kn, while strudels are 14 kn per piece.

Krokant: Out of these cake shops in Zagreb this one is our favourite!

For the end, we left our favorite patisserie in Zagreb, and maybe beyond! Krokant is a family passterie located in Dugave. Dugave is a Zagreb district that can be reached most quickly by bus from the main railway station if you take bus number 220. Krokant itself is only a few meters away from the station, so you will find it very easily, although it may not seem so at the moment. Trust us, it pays to travel to this place. (It is a real happiness to live near this place. Or maybe a misfortune for your wallet and figure…)

Cake shops in Zagreb
Cakes in Krokant

During the student days, while we were preparing for the exams, we would often go straight to this passterie to relax and forget for a moment about all the obligations. Our visits became so frequent that the staff knew exactly who we were and often guessed what we were going to order even before we said anything. Once it even happened that we entered Krokant and the waitress asked us how it was that we hadn’t been here for 2 weeks… At that moment we realized how frequent we really are.

Environment? The patisserie consists of a fenced terrace where you can sit and enjoy the peace and good cakes in the summer months. Although the place is located along the road, cars passing this way will not disturb your peace at all, as it is not a neighborhood where a lot of vehicles pass. In addition to the terrace, you can also enjoy the interior of the restaurant, which is divided into two parts – one part of the restaurant is inside the house, while the other is located in a glazed terrace. The space is decorated in a minimalist way, and the music that plays is always quiet and relaxing, so anyone who wants to relax and be excluded from the hectic everyday life will like it.

3 Zagreb passteries - Krokant
Cheesecake and Apple pie

Offer? Krokant offers different types of cakes and cookies. However, the guests of this passterie most often enjoy cakes that we also can never resist. Kremšnite and cheesecake are always available while the offer of other cakes changes every day, so depending on when you come you will be able to taste Kinder bueno cake, Caramel slice, Poppy seed cake, Carrot cake, Sacher cake, Three chocolate cake, Caramel cube, Dobošica, Icy wind (Ledeni vjetar)… Krokant offers so many different cakes that it is absolutely impossible to list them all. It is impossible to say which is the finest, at least not objectively. But what we can definitely do is reveal to you our 5 favorites!

Cake shops in Zagreb
Kinder Bueno cake

Kinder Bueno




Caramel slices

Also, Krokant offers the possibility of ordering cakes for the holidays, but also birthday cakes. What we have to tell you is that since we live in Zagreb we have never ordered a cake from another place. The prices are affordable and the quality is top notch!

Your CTC Team

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