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Camp Slapić: Combination of nature, activities and good food

Camp Slapić is ideal if you are looking for the perfect combination of natural beauty, fun outdoor activities and good restaurants! We set out to explore this place in order to show you all its beauties and get you interested in a new adventure that will surely remain in your fond memories.

Person in Camp Slapić
Camp Slapić
This camp, which covers an area of 4 hectares, can accommodate as many as 300 guests, so you will definitely have the opportunity to meet a handful of new people and make many acquaintances (maybe even friendships) on your vacation. The camp is ideal for all those who want an active vacation and fun in the company of several people, and those who are not particularly fond of big crowds, we do not recommend this place. Also, the camp is a great choice for all animal lovers as it is allowed to bring your pets and have them in the camp.
Camping in camp Slapić
Camp Slapić is owned by the Mataković family and is located on the right shore of the river Mrežnica, about 50 kilometers south of Zagreb, and only 10 kilometers from Karlovac. The easiest way to get to the camp is to exit the highway in Karlovac, through the town of Duga Resa, where you need to turn towards Senj. You don’t have to worry too much because coming to the camp is marked with signs and signposts from Karlovac.

Camp Slapić - well equipped and has:

Beautiful accommodation units in camp Slapić will definitely interest you

Depending on what kind of person you are and what kind of camping you prefer, you have the option of choosing between 3 ways of spending the night – camping in caravans on plots of 90 to 120 m2 with electricity and water connections (+ toilet), overnight stay in mobile homes of 30 m2 with two bedrooms, living room, bathroom, terrace and kitchen and our absolute favorite – a night in wooden tents that are the right place for a romantic getaway. In the wooden tents there is a mattress with space for things, and outside the tent is a terrace with a table and chairs perfect for romantic dinners by candlelight.


If you get hungry – and you will, you will not find yourself in trouble because within the camp there is a restaurant with a bar which offers something for everyone (even the picky ones). The restaurant can offer you a la carte meat and fish menus, and you will enjoy the food surrounded by enchanting nature. Once you satisfy your initial hunger, leave some room for some of the fine desserts as well.
Fine food and drinks in camp Slapić


The camp Slapić has an attractive beach on the river Mrežnica with several intimate islands and waterfalls where you can refresh yourself or enjoy fishing. And for the youngest guests, the camp also offers a newly arranged children’s playground. (We especially enjoyed the sounds of the waterfalls and standing near the water caressing our face and skin with its drops. We believe that everyone sometimes needs this kind of exclusion from the real world.)


Or an active vacation!

For all those who want an active vacation and new challenges, there is the possibility of renting a canoe or cycling on bike paths, and near the camp there are sport courts for tennis, beach volleyball, table tennis, paintball…

Active holiday

As you can see, there are many choices and everyone will find something for themselves in this camp!

Your CTC Team

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