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Yachting Paradise in Šipan – The Largest of the Enchanting Elafits

Šipan Island is the biggest of the Elaphites and is just an hour away from Dubrovnik by boat. It hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years. That is what makes it one of the most romantic spots in the Adriatic. 


There are only a few new buildings on Šipan, mostly olive trees, summer houses, and churches. It has 42 old summer houses, 34 churches and chapels, and lots of small chapels. Don’t miss the Duke’s Palace, up above Šipan’s port, and check out the summer houses of the Sorkočević and Katina families and the parish church of Stjepan the First Martyr.

Šipan got into the Guinness Book for having the most olive trees per square meter. This is because of tradition and because the island has springs with drinking water and good soil. 

Discover the Allure of Šipan's Harbor

In maritime history, Šipan served as a strategic ‘reserve’ for the Republic of Dubrovnik. Today, the island’s fertile plain, nestled between Sudjuradž and Šipanska Luka, reflects the meeting point of these two charming locales. Much of the remaining land was left to nature’s embrace. 

Sailing into the Šipan port at sunset is a magical experience. It invokes the urge to acquire an ancient stone villa or summer house and make a permanent home in this celestial corner of our world. Šipanska Luka (42° 43.8′ N, 17° 52′ E) has been a cherished retreat for the nobility of Dubrovnik, and happily, it still remains untouched by the grip of mass tourism, offering a haven for both locals and seasonal visitors alike. 


For sailing enthusiasts, the most noticeable transformation in Šipanska Luka is the newly constructed complex, representing a whopping investment of thirty-five million euros. Meanwhile, the island is witnessing the meticulous restoration of the former villas belonging to the lords of Dubrovnik, adding a touch of history to the evolving maritime landscape. 

Dining Delights on Šipan Island

Beyond the tranquility that defines Šipan, its burgeoning popularity as a maritime haven is also owed to its culinary offerings. Among the standout dining spots is the renowned Kod Marko restaurant, situated in the southwest part of Šipanska Luka bay. Widely regarded as one of the Adriatic’s finest, the restaurant provides a secluded experience with a handful of tables. Buoyed by a set fish menu that beckons you to savor exquisite recipes amidst an intimate seaside ambiance. 


For those seeking an excellent alternative, the Tauris tavern, nestled in the heart of town, boasts a seafood menu that comes highly recommended 

Discovering Ideal Moorings in Šipan's Bay

Along the east coast, a stone quay awaits sailors in the bay, offering a dozen moorings. Take note, however, that the mooring anchorage is a bit distant from the quay. As you sail in, exercise caution to prevent your propeller from tangling with the mooring ropes. 

In the southwest section of Šipanska Luka, a generous twenty-meter-long wharf boasts a depth of 2.5 meters, providing ample space for sailboats to secure their moorings. 


While anchoring is permissible throughout the harbor, it’s crucial to leave sufficient maneuvering space, especially for passenger ships moored along the inner side of the pier. Strong gusts from the south may be felt throughout the bay, but they generally pose no threat to vessels. The most formidable challenge comes from the tramontana, particularly after summer storms. 


During anticyclones, an intriguing local thermal wind known as “stončica” emerges at night, blowing forcefully from the northwest, originating from Ston on the Pelješac Peninsula. The sheer massiveness and elevation of this nautical and gastronomically enticing peninsula explain the phenomenon. 

Few boats anchor in the small, vibrantly colored lagoon enclosed by the northern shores of Šipan and the islet of Mišnjak. Intimate coves on the northeastern side of Jakljan Island also beckon, where pine trees delicately touch the sea. Whether you choose a cove from Crkvina islet to the secure haven of Veli Jakljan, you’re guaranteed to relish the intimacy and ambiance characteristic of the Elafite Islands. 

Šipan Island Unfolds as a Maritime Haven


From the stone quays on the east coast to the vibrant lagoon nestled between Šipan and Mišnjak, every corner of this Adriatic gem exudes charm and intimacy. Whether you’re drawn to the alluring moorings, the forceful stončica winds, or the tranquil coves along Jakljan Island, Šipan promises a sailing experience unlike any other. 

Embark on a journey where the sea whispers tales of centuries past, the winds carry the essence of the Pelješac Peninsula, and the colors of the Elafite Islands paint a canvas of serenity. It’s time to set sail and explore the untouched beauty of Šipan – an oasis for sailors, seekers of tranquility, and lovers of the Adriatic’s maritime magic. 

Ready to chart your course to Šipan? Take the helm, feel the sea breeze, and let the allure of this hidden paradise guide your nautical adventure. Cast off into the beauty of Šipan – where every wave tells a story, and every shore welcomes you home.


Set Sail to Šipan: Your Maritime Adventure Awaits! 

Your CTC Team

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