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We’ve Spent a Weekend on Soline Beach. Some Crazy Stuff Happened…

Soline Beach is a great place for spending long and fun weekends that you want to remember in the years that come. We’ve spent one… Let us tell you about it!

When was the last time you paid €3.50 for a great lunch on the very beach that’s
complemented with a glass of cold lager – included in that funny price tag? And you didn’t
even have to dry and change your shorts but could walk out of the sea and straight to your
desk where a waiter or waitress just pops up the moment you sit down even though the deck
is crowded.

Lots of Young People Everywhere
Lots of Young People Everywhere

That can only happen on Soline beach in Biograd Na Moru. Period.

Great Resteurants on Every Step
Great Resteurants on Every Step

Is that for real?

Yes, it’s for real. There’s this, now famous, beach restaurant, “Rene,” that’s been there for the past 25 years give or take. And the four things they are famous for are:

Ah, yes, the crazy stuff on Soline beach...

While we were waiting for our meals, I turned my head to scan the bay. I immediately realized that something is wrong with the picture I’m seeing. There’s a boat at the edge of the swimming area. There’s a parasail hooked to the boat. Two people are hovering above the boat that isn’t moving.

At first, I thought that somebody is pulling the prank on people. But then, the guy next to me,
who apparently knows a thing or two about paragliding and parasailing, went on explaining
something about some sea thermal phenomenon, updrafts and downdrafts, and all these
difficult terms and laws of physics that I must’ve missed in school.

The Variety of Sports on the Water
The Variety of Sports on the Water

TL;DR version: when the boat slowed down to pull in the parasailers, they ran into updraft at that very spot. As a result, they kept hovering some 100 feet above the sea level, enjoying the scenery and an unlikely benefit of atmospheric dynamics.

We finished our meals and went back under our sunshades and they were still up there, obviously enjoying themselves. I asked around and as it turns out, this isn’t an isolated incident. This happens almost on a daily basis. Talking about getting more for your money… Anyway, if you wanna spend a hell of a day or a week on one of the Top 10 Beaches in Croatia, give us a call and we’ll help you organize things. In fact, we can do everything for you. Bookings and everything. Just send us a message and that’s it. Your CTC Team, I.K.
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