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Piccolo camp – Camp made for a family vacation

Piccolo camp… Imagine yourself relaxing and enjoying in the shade of your caravan or cottage, you inhale the smell of the sea… Children are playing around you, people are relaxing, playing various sports or hanging out with good food. If you are one of those who find this scenario attractive, you no longer have to look for the perfect place to experience it – there is Camp Piccolo!

Piccolo camp is ideal for families
Piccolo camp is ideal for a family vacation

This adorable mini-camp is located in Banjole, a famous place near the sea which is only ten kilometers away from the center of Pula, so choosing this camp for your vacation will be great idea since all your necessities such as food, water, pharmacies, shopping centers and the like actually will be at hand.


Since you will come to the camp by car anyway, Pula and all the advantages that a big city brings will be only a few minutes away from you. It would not be out of place to dedicate at least one day of your vacation to exploring this beautiful city that will knock you off your feet with its historical beauties.

What does the Piccolo camp itself offer?

Piccolo camp offers its visitors 11 pitches, 5 of which are equipped with electricity and water, and 6 with electricity, water and drainage. Internet access is available on all 11 pitches and it is possible to rent a refrigerator. In addition, washbasins, beach showers, chemical toilets, washing machine, sinks with hot water and toilets for the disabled are available.

The Piccolo camp is also suitable for those guests who want to take their pets with them, so you will enjoy your stay in this camp if you are an animal lover. This detail greatly enhanced our stay.

Visit nearby…

Banjole itself is a paradise for the eyes and the soul, and besides that it is a fishing town, so our recommendation is to definitely go to at least one of their restaurants and taste delicious fish dishes. If you are not a fish lover – no problem – visit Medulin, which will surely appeal to those who want to buy and eat dishes that are not just fish.

Piccolo camp - Banjole
View of the islands Frašker and Fraškerić
In Medulin you can find countless souvenir and clothing stores, so you will definitely do all the necessary shopping in this town. We were especially impressed by one of the restaurants where it was possible to order freshly baked suckling pig, so we couldn’t resist.
View from the Frašker

Our experience in Pula was magical, and we especially liked the fact that even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money to enter the Arena itself – the interior is visible from the outside anyway. The promenade around the Arena is completely arranged, so there is no danger of awkward falls.

The only thing we have to warn about are the frequent crowds that you can expect in the height of the season, so taking photos in front of the Arena will be a bit difficult and you will have to capture the right moment when no one passes to take a good photo. (But again, it all pays off for good photos to keep for a memory!)


For those eager for adventure, there are the surrounding islands of Frašker and Fraškerić. It is possible to reach them very quickly in smaller boats and rest in solitude. As people who wanted a slightly different vacation, we headed to the nearby island by swimming only with a rubber boat and reached the island relatively quickly. So, for an endeavor like this, you don’t need too much physical fitness or a lot of money or expensive and strong motor boats. 

We decided to try something like this for the first time and we have to admit that we didn’t regret it and we will be happy to come back and embark on an adventure like this again!

Your CTC Team

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