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The Great Muscat Wines of Istria. Taste the tip of the Adriatic Sea

Muscat wines produced in Istria, located at the very tip of the Adriatic, are just one more reason for you to visit this part of Croatia! Istria is the first choice not only for foreign guests but also for Croatians who decide to book their holiday in Croatia. This small, but stunning part of Croatia is offering you a flavorful and excellent food; exquisite wine; untouched nature; beautiful, clear sea; the Mediterranean and continental climate; versatile history & architecture, and good entertainment.
The Great Muscat Wines of Istria
The Great Muscat Wines of Istria

Istria may be the second home for you after you visit it

Ancient coastal towns with preserved architecture are almost adjacent to oneanother, so you have a chance to visit many breathtaking locations in a short period of time.What else on a vacation do you need?

If you strive for a little bit of peace and quiet mixed with muscat wines, there are many almost untouched beaches to visit, restaurants to sit, and plenty of appetizing homemade recipes for you to try. But be cautious, because what you’re about to experience, in this beautiful part of the country, may leave you wondering why should you ever leave this place again! Like one of the most famous American travel bloggers and award-winning producers, Ashley Coburn, who made Istria her new home.

April brings you great wine experience

You may think that life on the Adriatic starts in summer, but you’d be wrong. Our coast is always sunny, busy, and ready to give and receive joy and experiences through all the seasons of the year. So, how about we focus on what’s right ahead of us!

Sweet Wine & Walk tour

It’s time to get even more excited because summer is almost here and the weather is just right for long walks, recreation, and hanging outdoor. Warm breeze reminds us of summer when we were little, and we were visiting grandparents who lived in the countryside. Those sweet memories are about to surface again.
Sweet Wine & Walk Gourmet Event
Sweet Wine & Walk Gourmet Event

Just in a few days — on April 13, 2019, to be more accurate — get ready for another enduring recreational wine event in our gorgeous Istria. For all the muscat wines (and other wines) lovers this is an excellent opportunity to taste the sunny Istrian wine.

Sweet Wine & Walk is part of a gourmet event organized by the Cluster of Northwestern Istria, and this time the emphasis was put on the tasting of the Mascot of the traditional, traditional variety that earned the Protected Designation of Origin (ZOI) for ideal micro-location and special mode of production.

Top quality wine paired with authentic Istrian delicacies such as a young cheese, a traditional Istrian plate, native plum, and apple strudels can be a winning combination of the day. And all that packed together with stunning Istrian nature and landscapes are proof that this may be another ineludible destination to go in the world.

Tour starts in Momjan

The wine walk will start in the incredible small village of San Mauro, just near Momjan, in north Istria. Just 6 miles to the east from more famous Umag, San Mauro, due to its position on the slopes of the northern Istrian hills, is this warm, picturesque little place surrounded by vineyards. The tradition of winemaking dates back hundreds of years.

The route is about 7 kilometres long. However, don’t let that intimidate you because while the journey seems long, the great positive experience from this wine road will last longer! On this kind of adventure, you will meet a variety of hedonists in relatively good shape, ready to conquer another wine tasting road.

The Perfect Combination - Wine and Cheese
The Perfect Combination - Wine and Cheese
During the walk, you will stop at five famous local wineries to taste their Momjan Muškat or other great wines paired with young cheese, walnuts and honey, a traditional Istrian platter – pljukanci, which is basically pasta with herbs from Vale, and a traditional Istrian cake. First stop is famous Sinković vinery, which is almost completely oriented only to producing the best Muscat wines in as many variants as possible. But in their rural winery, you could also try homemade honey, brandy, and tasty marmalade.

Don’t get too tipsy; there are more vineyards to see, besides Sinković vinery.

And all along the way, you will have a chance to enjoy the sounds of Medieval music, so you can let your imagination run free, thinking that this is some other times.

But wait! That’s not all. At the end of the journey, there is a party awaiting you at the last stop. Summer experience may be starting a little bit earlier this year!

Your CTC Team, V.K.

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