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Cerovac Caves, Hit Gračac and explore European cave system

Nobody’s sure where the Cerovac cave system ultimately ends or even extends to.

Wanna be the first one to make the breakthrough? Or, at least, follow the exciting paths – the one that starts at the entrance of the lower cave and the other that takes you deep inside the mountain but starts a bit higher, at the entrance of the upper cave.

Whatever you choose, one thing is certain:

You will feel it.

The first time I went in was back in 1997. The site wasn’t even open for visits yet. It was less than two years since the last military operation in the region so no wonder, right? Nonetheless, it was incredible, I tell you that.

There’s something about Cerovac caves that distinguish them from other similar systems throughout Europe. Some strange energy that simply overwhelms your entire body and mind.

Is it the fact that you can see and touch the exact spot where some giant cave bear was sharpening its claws? Perhaps the so-called, Stone Wedding, a natural 3D mega sculpture that looks awfully like a petrified wedding party with the groom and the bride in the center of it?
Gračac Landscape
Gračac Landscape

It’s really hard to put the finger on the exact thing that makes you feel kinda exciting and even borderline anxious. There is something in the darkness of the depth of Cerovac caves that makes your body and mind to go through some strange and unexplainable change.

How do you get there and where to stay?

Just 4 km to the west, there’s this lovely highland town of Gračac with a population of less than 2,000. On the outside, it doesn’t look like much but there are some quite nice accommodation options. And, the food is great to tell you the truth.
Cerovac Caves
Cerovac Caves

Just last year, on our way to the coast, we spent the night in the studio apartment in the town’s center.

Imagine a quiet summer night up in the hills. You need to wear something with long sleeves if you catch my drift. And you sit there, at the large wooden table, listening to the relaxing sounds of nature when a hostess brings you a quick snack and the glass of cold white wine just so you’d feel more comfortable.

Cerovac Caves Sculptures
Cerovac Caves Sculptures

The next day, we decided to have lunch before hitting the road.

The hostess recommended this restaurant at the main highway just a mile to the north from the apartments.

Now, I want you to imagine the combination of the tasty home-cooked meal in this authentic ambient at the price you wouldn’t believe. I mean, it’s almost impossible to eat everything they serve and when the check arrives, you realize that’s almost cheaper than a macchiato in Nice. Unbelievable.

Ah, yes, how to get there?

Gračac is at the intersection of central and southern Dalmatia. In other words, if you are taking D-1 highway from Macelj and heading to any destination in Dalmatia (via Zagreb), you can’t miss it.

If, on the other hand, you are taking the A-1 motorway (Zagreb-Split-Ploče; part of E-65 and E-71), you need to take the exit 14, Sveti Rok (right before the tunnel). Turn left (to the east) at the highway and some 15 minutes later, you’ll enter Gračac.

Lunch on the Road
Lunch on the Road

The interesting fact about this lovely little town situated under the north slopes of Southern Velebit is that it takes less than a half an hour of driving to hit the nearest beach at the Adriatic coast. You spend the day on the beach and then enjoy the pleasant night in the mountains. Cool, innit?

But wait! It gets better!

There’s not a single reason why you would wander around and waste time. We’ve been there and done everything you could possibly imagine. So give us a call and we’ll either point you in the right directions or even organize everything for you. How cool is that?

Your CTC Team, I.K.

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