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Slunj: Rafting Adventures and Winter Delights

Welcome to an extraordinary journey of adrenaline-pumping river adventures and winter wonder in the charming town of Slunj! 

Slunj Rafting Adventures and Winter Delights 3

Our mission today is to showcase why Slunj is the perfect choice for your winter vacation and an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts. Get ready to discover the exhilarating river adventures and the enchanting winter experiences! 

 Come with us! 


Rastoke, a truly special place, received different levels of protection over the years. It was first recognized as a natural and architectural gem back in 1962. In 1969, it gained extra protection as a cultural monument due to its unique appearance and the role of its mills. It was officially registered in the Cultural Monuments Register by the Regional Institute for Cultural Monument Protection in Zagreb. Then, in 2008, Rastoke was acknowledged as a cultural and historical rural area, which placed it in the Cultural Properties Register of Croatia. 

Adventures and Winter Delights 5 Slunj

What makes Rastoke unique is the way the Slunjčica river splits and flows into the Korana river. This short 500-meter journey creates a stunning display of 23 cascades and waterfalls:

  • Hrvojev waterfall,
  • Vilina kosa,
  • and Buk. 

The mills in Rastoke were built right on these waterfalls, using the natural power of the water to grind grains. These falls have a height of at least 4 to 5 meters. 

Winter in Slunj
Winter in Slunj

Rastoke’s history goes way back. It was first mentioned in 1696 by J. Valvasor, who noted a mill and a bridge. By 1775, there were already 60 mills in the area, without homes. The settlement of Rastoke began to grow after 1791 and expanded even more in the 19th and early 20th centuries. In 1967, there were 22 mills, with 20 of them grinding grains like corn, rye, barley, wheat, and millet. Today, three more families continue to maintain mills, and the Jareb family still grinds grain in their family mill. 

Rafting Adventure on the Korana River in Slunj

Rafting in Slunj on the Korana river is a real adventure! Picture yourself on a big, bouncy boat, sailing down a twisty river with your friends. The water splashes, and you laugh a lot. It’s like a rollercoaster on the water! 

You get to wear cool life jackets and helmets to stay safe. Don’t worry; you won’t fall out of the boat; these jackets keep you floating. The best part? You can even paddle a bit and help steer the boat. It’s teamwork, and it’s super fun! The river takes you through some amazing nature, like green forests and big rocks. You might see fish and ducks too. It’s like exploring a secret world. 


After all the excitement, you can relax and have a picnic by the river. Enjoy some tasty food, share stories about your rafting adventure, and make memories that will last a lifetime! Rafting in Slunj is a fantastic way to have a wild and wonderful time. 

Rafting in Slunj isn’t just a local gem; it’s known far and wide. Every year, RastRaft, a thrilling race that’s part of the European Rafting Cup, is held here. It’s become one of Karlovac County’s standout events. Beyond the rush of competition, participants from all over Europe get to soak in the stunning beauty of Slunj. Navigate through numerous rapids and natural travertine barriers. The route winds through a part of the river that’s not easy to reach, passing through awe-inspiring canyons and countless waterfalls. You’re guaranteed an endless supply of adrenaline! 

So, are you ready to grab a paddle and join the fun?

If you are – great!

If you aren’t – We have something else… 

Winter Delights in Slunj

Rafting is not exactly your cup of tea, but you want to visit Slunj this winter? No problem – we’ll show you why it’s a good idea! 

  • Visit the Slunj fortress, known locally as Gradina. It’s seen its share of battles and hardships but has remained standing strong through the years. Discover the stories of brave Frankopan princes who ruled Slunj until 1572. Franjo Frankopan, in particular, is famous for defending the town against Turkish attacks, earning titles like ‘Homeland’s Defender’ and ‘Protector of Illyria.’ This place is especially magical during winter! 
Slunj fortress - Gradina
  • Church of the Holy Trinity has been a special place for the people here, connecting them socially and spiritually. Nowadays, the Church is the most precious place of worship in Slunj. You can admire sculptures by Josip Turkalj, including the Pietà and Juraj Frankopan’s Holy Family along the Way of the Cross. In 1583, the oldest statue, the Mother of God of Slunj, was moved from this church to Trsat. 
Adventures and Winter Delights 1
  • Statue of Slunj’s top fencer. Milan Neralić, born in Slunj in 1875, was a top fencer from Austria-Hungary. He made history by winning Croatia’s first bronze Olympic medal in fencing (saber) in Paris in 1900. His innovative move, known as the “flying lunge,” involves a swift jab from a high jump. At Zrinski i Frankopan Square in Slunj, close to Milan Neralić’s birthplace, sculptor Matija Gajić Puškarić created a statue to honor him and the Olympic spirit. This work pays tribute to a skilled competitor and celebrates the qualities of sportsmanship and fair play. 

Nature of Slunj in Winter

In the winter, Slunj’s waterfalls become a magical frozen wonderland. The ice-covered waterfalls are like sparkling art pieces, and you should visit because: 

The waterfalls freeze, turning into beautiful ice sculptures against the snowy background. It’s a sight worth seeing and capturing with your camera. Winter in Slunj is calm and peaceful at the waterfalls. You can enjoy nature without the usual crowds, making it a perfect escape. 

Seeing the frozen waterfalls is a unique treat. It’s a chance to witness nature’s winter transformation. The area around the waterfalls is great for winter activities like hiking and snowshoeing. It’s a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventurers. After exploring, you can cozy up in a local café with hot chocolate or mulled wine. It’s a lovely way to end your winter adventure. 

So, if you love magical winter scenes, don’t miss Slunj’s waterfalls. They’ll leave you with a deep appreciation for nature’s beauty in every season. 

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