Another 2 Croatian Restaurants Receive Michelin Stars

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For many, Michelin stars are the only viable and legit confirmation of the quality you can expect in a restaurant. Every year, this prestigious guide is being updated worldwide.

Top Restoran
Top Restoran

In the process, some restaurants manage to keep their stars, while others lose one or all. And each year, if undercover Michelin inspectors successfully check enough boxes, new restaurants are added to one of the three main categories:
1. Michelin Star restaurants, the top level award
2. Bid Gourmand list
3. Michelin Plate

Michelin’s latest selection of Croatian restaurants with stars now includes 5 restaurants.

Previously awarded single-star restaurants Pelegrini (Šibenik), 360° (Dubrovnik), and Monte (Rovinj) are now joined by two new awardees, Noel (Zagreb) and Draga di Lovrana (Lovran).

Bid Gourmand list for Croatia now depicts 8 restaurants or twice the number from last year.
Finally, Michelin Plate this year recommends 51 Croatian restaurants with the bulk along the coastline.

Food Chef
Food Chef

Now, while you inevitably heard about Michelin Guide, do you honestly know what each category or symbol means?

Here’s the quick recap so you’d know what that spoon and fork mean or grape or that small village.

Michelin Guide - simplified

In Michelin Guide, at least its latest editions, you’ll find 3 major categories: stars award, Bid Gourmand, and The Plate.

How some restaurant earns a star or three?

From zero to a maximum of 3 stars for the quality of the food based solely on 5 criteria:

1. Quality of the used ingredients
2. Mastery of flavor and cooking techniques
3. The personality of the chef in his cuisine
4. Value for money
5. Consistency between visits

Making Pasta
Making Pasta

The undercover inspectors don’t mind nor take into account an interior design and things like that when assigning a star.

Instead, they indicate the level of comfort with “covers” or the famous fork and spoon symbol. More symbols, cozier the place is – roughly relayed. In the case of a hotel or accommodation, this “cover” is that silly-looking house or the entire village, depending on the level of comfort and quality.

What’s the story with that Bib-something category?

Ever heard about Michelin Man, originally known as just Bibendum?

Yeah, the logo.


Well, when you see it licking its lips, you know that you’re looking at the Michelin recommendation.

This category first appeared in 1950 as the letter ‘R’ to indicate a place that serves good food at reasonable prices that has to include starter, main course, and dessert.

47 years later, the Bib Gourmand symbol saw its debut. It’s that same Michelin Man but in this context, “the tire man” is licking its lips. Bib quickly became the favorite signal for all of those looking to eat good but not to pay a small fortune for the meal.

And The Plate? What the hell is that?

The Plate symbol is the novel addition to the Michelin rating & recommendation system. It saw its debut in 2016 Paris guide and when you see it, know that the restaurant is “simply serving good food”, at least according to Michelin inspectors.

Food Preparation Tehnique
Food Preparation Tehnique

There you go. Now you know what he meant the last time he got excited about some restaurant or hotel that received or lost a star.

If you want to book a table in any of the Michelin restaurants in Croatia, drop us a message and we’ll arrange it. It’s not like you can just drop in and get served. There’s a waiting list.

Your CTC Team, I.K.

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